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Brand New with first ICSI appointment and so many questions


Hello Everyone,

My partner and have our very first appointment next month to start treatment and I'm quite anxious about what the appointments will entail. I can't find much information about them and was hoping you could share your experiences?

We are going through ICSI and Looking further ahead, I've read some of the information available. I'm a little apprehensive about the retrieval of eggs and the side effects off all the medication?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and advice.

Thanks, C

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Welcome to the world of IVF

I had ICSI and it was actually a year ago today that I did my first injection on my 2nd cycle,

Normally on your first appointment you go through your plan of treatment so I would write down any questions or concerns you want to ask do you don’t forget, then you should have a nurses appointment to show you how to do the injections, it is very daunting and scary,

I found the egg retrieval fine but I was a little uncomfortable after, and I had no real side affects from the drugs apart from wound marks from injection points,

Everyone is different and reacts different to the drugs what could of been fine with me may of not with someone else, every cycle is also different and so is every clinic,

But hopefully I’ve helped and I’m sure everyone else will give good advise also,

I Wish you lots and lots of luck for your first ICSI ivf 🍀🍀🍀🍀



Hi Clark2018. Just wanted to wish you both well with all of this. I do have a list of questions I could email you if you want. My emails are confidential, so if you want, do get in touch at: and I will send them to you. Diane

I borrowed books from the library that helped me understand the process.

The injections aren't that bad. You can watch YouTube video just so you get an idea of what it's like.

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