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First appointment since failed icsi

We've got our appointment with the consultant on monday following our failed

icsi. Not sure what he is going to suggest to us. Another consultant said he couldn't

understand why we hadnt concieved naturally. My fiencee is fine but ive cycts on one

ovary. We have a frozen embryo but not sure if it will defrost ok or how much it

will cost us. Feel like time is running out though as im 38 now.

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Hi. Sorry it didn't go well for you. We had 2 failed cycles last year and now need to find £5000 for another cycle - I'm 40 next month!! Can't see it ever happening for us but we'll try every avenue we can. Hope your doctor will reassure you - it's lousy feeling so crappy I know. Just don't be palmed off with excuses. Good luck.


Hi katiejane74656. Thanks for your reply and advice. I cant see us having

a family either, but like you, trying to stay positive. Hard isnt it!? I find it really

hard not to be bitter about all these people that dont want kids that still have them

without any problems. I have requested to see the consultant instead of his right hand man so fingers crossed we might feel more positive about things but we will



Hiya pumpkin sorry for your sad news. I hope all goes well with ur consultant.


Hiya paerking. Thank you very much for your message. Fingers crossed the consultant gives us some positive news becausr I'm not feeling very positive at the moment.


Hi, I hope your appointment goes well. I always find it helps to write down a quick list of questions, otherwise my mind can go blank in these kinds of situations. Thinking of you.


Hi noper. Ive started a list because I always forget to ask things then remember on the way home lol. Hope you are feeling ok and everything is still going well.


Hi Pumpkin1. Hope all goes/has gone well with your appointment today. I just wondered if you needed any treatment on your ovary before starting any further treatment. If you decide to go ahead and use the frozen embryo you have, then it can be done on a natural cycle, if you feel that would be better for you. Obviously, you will be best guided by your consultant, but I do wish you well with whatever you do decide. Regards Diane


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