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First timer icsi help!


Hi I'm starting icsi end of this month, just wondering what's your thoughts on icsi? How did you find the injections, egg collection if I get that far, I'm unxplained and my husband had a low count of 20 million along with a low mobility. And what did you eat? I've heard milk is good, along with lots of protein and veg, and cut caffeine down. I'm really worried as when I started clomid they were worried I could have overstimulated as I realsed so many eggs, doesn't that mean I could on Ivf. Thanks

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Hey Del92,

I found the whole process absolutely fine. I was terrified about everything but it really wasn't that bad. The 2 week wait was the worst part for me.

Try not to worry about producing too many eggs, the hospital will put you on a protocol which suits you best and they'll also keep a close eye on you with regular scans etc.

I didn't change my diet much although I cut out alcohol for 3 months leading up to treatment and I cut back on caffeine, didn't have any fizzy juice and I don't drink tea or coffee so the only time I really had some caffeine was when I had some chocolate.


Del92 in reply to Amanda86

Thank you, how was egg collection? I'm under light sedition, I drink tea and I love Diet Coke, and I drink one energy on weekdays, I don't drink I'm gonna cut back on caffeine and no takeaways. I'm on a long protercall, you read so much I got that zita west on how you should be eating certain foods. Have you had Ivf many times? Xxx

Amanda86 in reply to Del92

I had light sedation for egg collection and I was totally knocked out lol. By one energy do you mean energy drinks? I'd cut them out completely if it is. It's advised not to drink them during pregnancy so I think better to avoid while undergoing treatment too?

Leading up to egg collection I tried to eat more protein as apparently it helps although I'm not sure how much truth it in it. I would say a well balanced diet is probably best 😊

Was my first shot of icsi in October I had a chemical pregnancy xxx

Del92 in reply to Amanda86

Hi yeah as in energy drinks, sorry to hear that would you do it again? Did you have counciling? I think I might have to. Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna do my best xx

Amanda86 in reply to Del92

I didn't have counselling no. Yeah I'll be going through a frozen transfer very soon.

Heartbreaking when it doesn't work out but I have hope that one day it will for me and I know it's very common for first time to result in chemical etc so I try not to loose hope.

All you can do is your best. Prepare your body as best you can, take fertility vitamins and the rest you have no control over. Just try not to stress too much and try to enjoy it as much as you can 😊 xxx

Del92 in reply to Amanda86

Thank you for the advice hope everything works well for you xx

Amanda86 in reply to Del92

Thank you 😊 xxx

We have unexplained infertility and had ICSI as well. I was surprised at how easy it was. The injections were fine and didn't really hurt at all. The only problem I had was the one lot of tablets made me very dizzy and disorientated - like I was really really drunk and how I imagine it feels to be on drugs. They cut the dose right down which made me worry it wouldn't work but at least I could get through the day without walking into things and falling over!

Egg collection was fine but I had a general anaesthetic. There was no pain afterwards though.

I just ate a normal diet, trying to be slightly healthier than normal. I don't really have caffeine anyway though and had been told to give up alcohol way in advance so wasn't drinking at all.

As amanda said, they will scan you regularly to make sure you're responding ok. I wasn't responding that well on the low dose so they kept upping it after my scans until I was on the maximum. Given hoe you were with clomid they will probably start you low and just monitor you.

Good luck!

Del92 in reply to Cyantist

Hi, yeah I'm explained but my husband has 20 mill count and 30 percent mobilty, im gonna write down a list of questions to ask my consultant. Did Ivf work for you? And did you exercise during Ivf? I've read it's important to be as healthy as possible, I'm thinking of getting numbing cream for the injections mind they don't sound that bad. I'm gonna cut down on the pop but don't think I'm gonna give up the tea as It's little caffeine in it. Xxx

sanj76 in reply to Del92

What an awesome detailed post... I really think lucky17 is spot on. Wishing you all the best for the journey ahead.

Tugsgirl in reply to Del92

The numbing cream isn't very effective. You'd be much better using ice; some use ice cubes, I used an ice pack lol 😂

Cyantist in reply to Del92

It did work. I'm due in 4 weeks now :-)

I didnt exercise at all during ivf but then that's normal for me. I'm ashamed to admit my exercise is walking to the tube station and back!

I also just used ice cubes and barely felt it. Will you be doing the jabs in your bum or thigh?

Del92 in reply to Cyantist

Hi injections in my belly I am, where did you do yours? And the one that bring on overlation where did you have that? Was it that bad it's a bigger needle isn't it x

Cyantist in reply to Del92

Most were in my stomach and they were absolutely fine but I had two stomach injections each day and did feel like I was running out of space! The trigger one I think was in my stomach too, but I don't remember there were just so many jabs! But I had to have a progestogen one in my bum/thigh every 3 days and they were much bigger needles. But still with some ice some numbing spray and hubby being gentle it was fine. If you do have the choice between bum and thigh for any of them, go for bum if you can

Hi I've just gone through ICSI long protocol as I don't ovulate and partner has low sperm count. 3 months prior I was told to cut out all alcohol & caffine. I drink decaf tea. Be aware coke & chocolate contain caffeine also. I've been taking a conception multi vitamin for years so just continued with that. Lots of protein & water to stay hydrated. The injections weren't half as bad as I expected, alternating sides of site each day, some people use an ice cube before. The menopor injections you get used to mixing and they give you instructions in your needle bag.

You'll be going for regular scans/bloods to check lining/ovaries and they will adjust your dosage accordingly. Then it's on to egg collection, mine was under sedation, pretty much out of it, the most painful bit was putting the cannula in the hand! Partner gave his fresh sample (we had frozen as backup) and our eggs fertilised. We asked for time lapse (get a video of the embryo growing). Our embryologist called in the morning to say only 1 survived so a nervous wait till the next day embie had survived and we went in for Transfer. Really easy we got our time lapse video and also your partner can record the screen and ultrasound of them putting the egg back in which is amazing 😃

Then it's progesterone pessaries from egg collection to continue with. I got steroids to take aswell as at risk. The 2ww is the hardest time ever (I got a sick note from gp) as you have no contact really with anyone so this site is a god send. Feet up and chilled out till test day, got a BFP!!

Hope all goes well on your journey and feel free to ask/vent on here, they really are a great bunch xx ✨🙌🏻🤞🏻🍀✨

Del92 in reply to Lucky17

Thank you for your lovely response, you sound very similar to me and my husband. I hope it works for us like it worked for you, can't you get numbing cream for the hand? Heard a few nasty stories about that, did you eat anything in particular? It's hard not to get obsessed isn't it, hope your enjoying your pregnancy all the best xx

Louhanlon in reply to Lucky17

Thanks for you post . Just about to embark on this journey . Will keep u posted

Hi Hun good luck with your cycle. I am planning on starting cycle 2 beginning of April (short protocol) so won't be far behind you.

Hope you get your BFP! X

Del92 in reply to allieb21

Thank you all the best to you to :) xx

Hiya we did IVF /ICSI split. Unexplained and no issues with either of us.

We had 8 fertilised eggs. So we placed 4 in each camp. Our IVF ones initially made it over night but then didn't progress. All ICSI went on to be big fat blastocysts. 2 were out back in and 2 put on freeze. They were all high quality.

I'm currently try 5wks pregnant it worked first time!!

We still puzzled why IVF ones didn't make it but that could explain a few things why it hasn't happened naturally.

Just follow a sensible diet. Cut out alcohol caffeine (chocolate contains caffeine too 😐)

Let us know how you get on. ♥🍀xx

Del92 in reply to Buffy21

Aww bet your over the moon :) congrats! I start injecting on 21st, got my treatment plan on the 13th, we're gonna have icsi as I'm unexplained but husband has low count half what he should have, im gonna do my best to cut caffeine! Got a list of healthy foods to get avarcado, Brazil nuts, pineapple, anything you eat? I'm trying not to obsess but it's hard not to. Did you have to inject twice a day? And how did you find egg retrieval? I'm having light sedition so bit nervous, but everyone I've spoke to said it's fine bar the thing they put in your hand, I might get numbing cream. Xx

I eat super healthy anyway so wasn't too much of an issue for me. If you go to my page you can read about my EC a few weeks back. I did find the pain tough but everyone are different. I injected once daily on short protocol.

All the best lovely.xx

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