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First appointment yesterday

Hi girls

I had my first appointment yesterday and Alls going forward they accepted us for IVF I'm over the moon!

I had so many questions,and though I new quite a lot, but when I read some of your posts on here it seems I only know a fraction.

Could anyone tell me what I should expect from now? They said I will receive a letter for an appointment about treatment ( injections) I can't wait I want to know now lol but the doctor has told me that I should have my first cycle in 10-12 weeks which I didn't think was to bad!

Eee I have every finger and toe crossed ❤️🙏🏻 Xx

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Hey! That's great news!! Well done :)

I have my first appointment in September, I too am excited and wish that it was this month lol. Oh wow I never realised it would take over 2 months for treatment! I thought as soon as you have your appointment then that month you start! This whole process has really tested my patience lol. Good luck xx


Morning NDE1987

I bet you can't wait till September will this been your first appointment at the fertility centre?

It's a little bit complicated to explain over here, but I'll try for you because I was totally in the dark till yesterday and I thought it would've started straight away so here we go basically

First you will go on two different injections or nasal sprays for a few weeks maybe a month I'm not 100% sure then you will be called back for scans and egg collections and your partner will have his semen collected also but they have to monitor you to see when is the right time to collect the eggs it's amazing when they tell you what happens and you will get a booklet explaining everything, then once you have everything put back into your body you wait two weeks to find out if you are pregnant or not I mean this is a very simple way of putting it there is a lot of stuff I've missed out but then if you think from now for me it's only 10-12 weeks before I could be pregnant the waiting is a nightmare but at least your going forward knowing that it's coming

Keep in contact hope that's a bit more understanding for you xx


Awww thank you for your reply! I am excited for my ivf treatment but also at the same time I am scared, I have had two failed iui's so I am taking baby steps in believing ivf will work. I have had some other issues aswell where my nurse thought I was going through early menopause so it's been a roller coaster year!! I just wish and pray that it works and for every single Lady on the site to. Wishing you all the best! Keep in touch! Xxx


Hi NDE1987

I hope you don't mind me asking what a iui is? Just I'm not that clued up as of yet!

You seem like you've had a lot of things to deal with, but I'm here for a chat anytime and also wishing you all the luck 😁

September will be here before you know it I know it's hard to stay positive but try because the more you stress it's not good for you ❤️ Xx


Aww thank you. It does feel like I have been trying for ages now and getting no where. But I have to be grateful that we are given the chance to try treatment. I had a lap in October 2015 and it showed my tubes were fine so I wasn't offered ivf straight away. I was given 4 iui cycles to try. But as I have had 2 failed ones they have moved me to ivf. IUI is less intense than ivf. I had to take injections to produce more follicule and then my husbands sperm was washed and put in me. The only difference is that there isn't any egg collection with iui. But that still didn't work! And now I haven't had a period since may so the nurse was worried that I was going through menopause (I am 29!) The nurse has called me and said hormones are fine but still needs to speak to the doctor. So just waiting to hear back really. X


Hi NDE1987 sorry I haven't been on here for a while Im having a hard time coming to terms with everything and having to wait so long! You say you have had to failed iui's im not quite sure what these are as I'm not very clued up on everything as I'm so new to this. Lol how long have you been trying to get pregnant for and going through all your medical stuff you seem like you've had a rollercoster of a time bless your heart!

I'm still waiting so I had rang fertility clinic and the consultant had been on annual leave so they were back logged tbh I was a bit angry and fustrated as I thought they would've had a couple of consultants

What I have found is that for people who haven't personally gone through anything like this don't understand the feelings and emotions you go through and you never feel like time is on your side

So they have put me in for the 21st fingers crossed and toes crossed lol that this will speed things up!



Hi!! Good luck for the 21st! What will they be doing in that appointment? I have my first appointment at Chelsea and westminster on the 20th September. I guess they will explain everything to us then as it's our first appointment. Iv been taking this time to chill and not focus on ivf. But I agree with you that talking to someone that hasn't gone through it they just don't understand x


Thats fab news! i only waited 5 weeks then received a letter saying i was at the top of the NHS list, me and my partner then had to go straight in for bloods and his sperm test a week later and we went to an information that night, it had about 10 other couples there and it went through the whole process, we have just received our 1 hour consultation with our consultant where they will decide what protocol to put us on, go through any questions we have, they do a scan on me and they prescribe me the meds on that appointment too, thats all i know so far, exciting/ scary stuff! xxxxxxx


Hi Katie

Yeh that's what happened yesterday I had my bloods done and my partner has to give his sperm test next week!

Me and my partner haven't been to anything like that we are just going through it together and researching,.

Your like one step in front of me so this is great you can keep me up to date ☺️ Lol

So I'm waiting now for my consultation and the protocol hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later because I really can't wait!!

How are you feeling about the whole thing in yourself??



Of course, our 1 hour consultation is on 22nd August, the days seem to be dragging but i go on holiday on the 13th August for a week so thats going to help me massively to take my mind off things for a little bit because i know once im back, It will all start. At my hospital, they prescribe you the meds on the day of your 1 hour consultation so it all happens so fast,

Im starting to feel okay about everything now that its sunk in, the past few months have been horrendous though, finding out why things havent been happening for us and im only 22 aswell so it was devastating when i found out my tubes were blocked (hydrosalphinx) and because ive had so much surgery when i was younger, its too risky to clip or remove them so i have to proceed straight away so my chances of it working half,

How are you feeling about everything? xxxx


Hi katiemiller94 sorry Hun I haven't been on here for a while I've been having quite a hard time coming to terms with everything!

You must be so excited for Monday I hope you've had a great holiday and relaxed all ready For when you come back 😁

I've had to ring the clinic I got two letters then hadn't heard anything so I rang and she said the consultant had been on annual leave so they were back logged 😮 Anyway once I had calmed myself down lol I rang back and I she made me an appointment for 21st September everything just seems to be going so slow for me!!

You will have to keep me updated and let me know how it all goes for you hunny

Best of luck always xxxxxx 😁❤️

Ps I'm at life centre how about you??


I also just had a neb at your other posts and i see your from Newcastle, i am too! are you at centre for life or QE Gateshead? xxxx


Hi CH12, Sorry about the late reply! everything is happening all at once so its hard to keep track of things, i start my injections next sunday, all feels real now.

Im at the QE in gateshead, their amazing there, i was about to get referred to Life Centre but i was changed to QE as its a little closer for me, but ive heard good thing about Life Centre!

I hope everything comes round quick for you, best of luck xxxxxxxx


wow, being accept must have been great news, I have my first appointment on 23rd dec and really don't know what the appointment will involve.

I didn't think they told u that quick about being accepted for IVF so quick. pleased for u thou.

my sister had 2 ivf's and worked second time.... made the whole process totally worth it. good luck and if ok would you be able to tell me what the first appointment included that would be great :-)



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