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Cervical ectropian?


Hey ladies just wondered if any of u have been diagnosed with a cervical ectropian it polyp? Im 13 weeks pregnant and been bleeding since 5 weeks every single day. Had numerous scans which showed a small subchoronic haemorrage which seems to have resolved but the bleeding continues. The past few days have been so fresh heavy and red all over my legs, bathroom floor etc. It's awful and they think it's coming from the ectropian but don't want to speculum me again. I can't help but worry and panic with the bleeding being so heavy. Has anyone else had anything like this? Tia xx

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Hi lovely,

I had a cervical ectropian .. im not pregnant though. I went through periods of time when i never bled but had cramps and other times I would bleed fresh red blood .. not a lot though. More when I went to the toilet and would ‘strain’. Its aggravated by sex and tampons. Yours might be aggravated a bit by all your pregnancy hormones.

I had mine cauterised and been fine since .. i doubt you’d be able to have that while you’re pregnant. As long as they’ve checked you and baby’s fine try and relax (i know its hard). Ectropians are rubbish xx

No advice sorry, in fact I’ve never heard of the term but I just want to wish you well and hope it all settles down for you soon so that you may enjoy your pregnancy xx

Hi there,

Fellow ectropian sufferer right here! I’m nearly 15 weeks and have been bleeding on and off, bright red with quite a few “gushes” since 5 weeks.

Have driven myself mad and had 5 scans in 10 weeks. But baby doesn’t seem bothered at all by the bleeding. I had the ectropian before I fell pregnant and it’s aggravated by EVERYTHING! Sex, exercise, bowel movements, cervical examinations, internal scans. (Probably the weather and my mood as well knowing my luck!)

If you’re worried talk to your midwife, they should keep scanning you if you continue to bleed or if the nature of the bleeding changes.

Fingers crossed it’s just an inconvenience for you and nothing more. x

Hey, I used to have it when I took the contraceptive pill but when I stopped a few years ago, it disappeared. I went to a&e with red bleeding a few weeks ago and ended up being told by the early pregnancy unit that the ectropion was back and the cause of the blood and that it was caused by all of the hormones rushing through my body. They said it wasn't harmful but would continue throughout the pregnancy (I'm nearly 17 weeks now) and that the best thing to do is monitor it and call the antenatal clinic if it ever looks different. It's always scary seeing a bleed but if it's consistent and stays the same then it should be OK but if the colour or volume change, call your midwife or antenatal clinic for advice xx

Hi dmccmky, I totally thought I was the only one with this condition. I’m unfortunately not pregnant so can’t comment on what it would be like having ectropian bleeds whilst pregnant with a much longed for baby. It must be so worrying for you ladies during an already tense time 😬 I hope everything continues well in your pregnancies and for your peace of mind the ectropian condition settles down for you ASAP!!

I was told it was hormonal but they can’t explain why it started, I thought maybe stressing about not getting pregnant.... I haven’t had mine cauterised as it doesn’t interfere with my life too much and I didn’t want to muck with my cervix if I’m trying for a baby. Doctors said it shouldn’t interfere with fertility which was a relief. And it’s a major relief to hear that you ladies have gone on to have successful if stressful pregnancies. Do you mind me asking if any of you had IVF and if your ectropian condition interfered with IVF?

Hey ladies thanks for all your comments. I had iui and at that point undiagnosed with the ectropian I only got diagnosed with that at 8 weeks due to bleeding. I've been in and out of hospital all weekend and today they found cells that look abnormal on my cervix. Firstly they talked about cancer then now they are saying I have a polyp and going In for a biopsy tomorrow. I am absolutely terrified and been heartbroken all day. Need to try and wait for the biopsy and results and take it from there x

What a rollercoaster! I had a colposcopy biopsy last year, I was so worried about it all and was in tears often. The ladies at the hospital were the nicest bunch I’ve come across and were so kind to me. My results came back all clear and the doctor even spent half an hour on the phone with me afterwards talking through the condition and fertility etc, never had such good service from the NHS!

My message is just to let you know these tests can come back with good results. Please keep your hopes and spirits up. I’ve got everything crossed for you xx

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