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Question about private IVF osts


Another post....

I had private consultancy for IVF recently and they told me that due to my super high AMH, they would not do a fresh transfer but freeze all embies down and do a frozen cycle later.

In their price list they list the price for a fresh and a frozen cycle, so would my scenario (fresh cycle for stims and EC + frozen cycle with drugs) mean that I need to pay for a fresh and a frozen cycle while practically I only had 1?

I did not think about this at the appointment, I am sure some of you ladies are in the samr boat!


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I think it would work out slightly more expensive if you did this at my clinic, as you’d pay for more drugs, but you’ll only pay for one embryo transfer so it shouldn’t cost the sum of a fresh + a frozen cycle as both those quoted costs should include embryo transfer.

Oh thank you! I actually hoped for this answer! Of course you need a bit more drugs. They say they do the FET in a natural cycle without drugs, but I dont have a natural cycle :-P so I need drugs, but these are not the massive costs :-)

Check with the clinic as they should give you a total cost estimate xx

I had a similar situation, my clinic told me the first frozen transfer was included in the price we paid for the IVF as we didn't have a fresh transfer. The drugs for the FET were progynova and utrogestan which I had to pay myself but it's nothing like the price of stims. I guess everywhere is different though xxx

Thanks! I am just going to ask them :-)

It is hard when there is no choice of clinic where you live. But I think they offer packages don't they?

In my limited experience. The difference in cost of medication is minimal between frozen and Fresh. Most clinics should give you all the medication you need in at one go. So in your fresh cycle you should get all the meds and only use them as you need my meds cost just over £2000 but I didn’t need or use all. The but that was expensive afterby £12k cycle of IVF with ICSI was the freezing of the embryos which was £2200 for 2 years. Also wort is they told us if on the day we didn’t need ICSI they would refund the price which was about £1200 - a year ago. They dont charge up front for frozen embryo because they can’t garurntee there are any embryos to freeze. I did my cycle last year but had a polop so I could go through with my fresh cycle. They froze my embryo snd I only had them put back this Jan. I did not buy any extra medication every thing was in the pack of medication they gave me. I was just told to check expiry date (it was my choice to wait a year to put it back) I can give you a recommendation for meds if you want - just ping me

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Thanj you so much for sharing this, getting numbers really help.


Hi sarahharas. I would check with the clinic, as you didn't get to embryo transfer, and get it in writing. If the transfer is to be on a natural cycle, fingers crossed you won't need to pay any extra. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

Thank you!


I would question the need to complete a frozen cycle for your high AMH. I have a stupidly high AMH, and my private clinic still put me through a fresh cycle (now 6 months preggo!)

It's so frustrating the way some clinics try to confuse the issue and get people to pay more when they don't need to, just for the sake of squeezing a couple of hundred extra out of folks for freezing/lab rent while you wait for your FET cycle after your fresh stims, so would definitely seek a second opinion there.

Hope everything goes ok for you lovely x

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Congratulations on your pregnancy :-) Thank you for this! thats indeed very helpful and I will look into that! xx

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