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7 weeks pregnant, stopping progesterone


Hi ladies

I’ve had a scan today that has confirmed a heart beat. I’m 7 weeks pregnant now from a fresh ivf. They have said I can stop my progesterone now. I have two weeks of meds left anyway. When has everyone else been told to stop progesterone pessaries? Thanks

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I was told after my 12 week scan xx

penny24 in reply to elle80

Thanks, I was told to come off them now but I’ll use up what I have but that will only take me to 9 weeks. I’m a little worried now xx

elle80 in reply to penny24

Our bodies produce progesterone naturally when we are pregnant. I think the extra progesterone is just a precaution or if you have suffered with lots of miscarriages. Women usually wouldn't be prescribed them if it was a natural conception. If it was me, I would definitely take the extra two weeks and if you're worried, speak to your clinic or midwife. They may give you more or put your mind at rest. By the time I got to 12 weeks, I could not wait to stop them. Horrible, messy things lol xx

penny24 in reply to elle80

Thanks! Good point xx

Sarah_S in reply to elle80

From what I have read, during natural conception the progesterone is produced by the follicle which released the egg, but the ivf process interferes with this, so you need extra progesterone until the placenta takes over. I stopped at 12 weeks, but advice from clinics does seem to vary x

I had this same concern, I had my scan at 8 weeks and was told I could stop taking them. The nurse said they were only needed for the two week wait but and after that was only only as a precaution. I was a bit worried as had seen people taking them up to 12 weeks. Did some research and everyone seems to be told different things!

I carried on using what I had left, but I came off them gradually so went down from 3 a day to 2 and then 1, which made me feel better instead of stopping!! 😊

penny24 in reply to Star9

Thanks star9 that makes me feel better xx


Hi penny24. It’s always a scary thought stopping the progesterone. I usually tell my ladies to wean off them slowly, reducing them each week until they’re all used up. That might make you feel better. You should be making plenty of your own now, so all should be good. Thinking of you. Diane

penny24 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane, I appreciate your feedback x

I’m usig mine up to 12 weeks but I have a history of miscarriage xxx good luck and congratulations

penny24 in reply to Missy_22

Thanks missy, you too xx

Hi Penny24, I had my 7 week scan from a fresh 1st icsi cycle in February. It was a successful one thanks to the Almighty God and I was advised to stop progesterone straight away which I did. I tried to keep away from any research so I don’t worry myself. I am happy to say that I am currently 23 week + 4 days pregnant. I think we have to trust our consultants and above all God. Congratulations to you and praying all goes well for you from now onwards.xx

penny24 in reply to JULIETJAM

Thanks julietjam, that makes me feel better. I’ll use the pessaries I have at home then stop. Hope your pregnancy is going well xx

Pregnancy going well thank you. Just keep a positive mind. You will be just fine. Baby due on 26th October. I will pray for you and all will be ok. I am sure your clinic have your best interest at heart and they know what they are doing. Look after yourself.x

Hi Penny ,

I am currently 13 weeks with twins . I was told to stop Progesteron at 11 weeks . 10 days later I started bleeding . Not just spotting but proper bleed.

Unfortunately the EPU did not want to investigate as to where it came from.

I spoken to my fertility clinic in Istanbul and they recommend to be on it again .

I started Monday afternoon and the bleeding has stopped for about 32 hours .

I find it v sad that progesterone levels aren’t checked here. I can just recommend to you to use it as long as possible & maybe keep one or two in case of a bleeding . I was also told that it’s safe to use it up to week 15/16 ! After this it’s no longer useful to support the pregnancy.

I have been told to keep using up to 12 weeks but because I have a history of multiple miscarriages. I can’t wait to stop them! I can understand how scary it is though and it will def be a weird routine to stop! Think of it as a positive though that things are going great xxx

It depends on whether you’ve had a fresh or a frozen cycle. For a fresh cycle the stimms cause your body to start making some of its own progesterone so you don’t need to be on it for as long. My clinic say until 7 week scan but that it’s a precaution and you’d probably be ok coming off it after the 2ww. I bet most of the ladies who have been told to keep going to 12 weeks have had frozen cycles - in a frozen cycle you don’t have stimms so the down regging shuts down your body’s ability to make it naturally and therefore you have to stay on the drugs for longer - until the placenta takes over at 12 weeks.

penny24 in reply to Lynnr54

Thanks Lynn, I think we are at the same clinic so at least they are saying the same thing to both of us. I had a fresh cycle so that explains a lot. Thanks for the reply xx

What nice inspiring news!! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your joy with us. The first time you feel your baby kick. The first time you see your baby. Pregnancy is the beginning of a wonderful adventure made of many “first times”. Best wishes!

I believe fresh cycles don't need to stay on progesterone as long. I would use remainder up but reduce slowly. But would call the clinic and explain your concerns..they need to know how much anxiety is induced from not explaining the why behind instructions. It may help the next girl 😊

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