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Massive melt down yesterday...


Hi Ladies,

as the title says, massive meltdown yesterday. (Warning, long ranting post)

Was due to have a natural FET this month, but it all went wrong. Started with a light brown periods , follicles slow to show up, they finally saw one on last Thursday's scan but wondered if it was a cyst... but positive ovulation test on Friday evening (day 11/12).

New scan yesterday morning, lining was fine, but they couldn't see the corpus Luteum so they were initially not so sure.

Then they asked if I was sure if I ovulated, to which I said I can only tell you what I see on the test !!!! so they said ok, lets book transfer.... obviously I questioned it (because I always ask too many questions...) and then they advised to wait if we were not 100% sure and too much stress involved.... WTH....

Needless to say, I was in bits, blaming myself for asking too many questions as it was probably fine to go ahead and now have to wait for a medicated cycle.....

We re going on holiday mid-july, fed up of cancelling holidays all the time so we'll wait after that.... (and on top of it need to pay a cancellation fee to be able to still be funded for 2 FET) .

That's that - sorry I just had to let it out :)

Good luck to all on this very exhausting journey xxx

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It is exhausting. To be honest it’s crap. I really feel for you. All you want to do is get on with it. I get that. Maybe it’s worked out this way for a reason.. time will tell. Enjoy your holiday and good luck for next time xx

AlexHoBo in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks Tugsgirl 🙏🏻

I just didn’t like the fact that they couldn’t be straightforward with me, and the whole Yes / No made me even more anxious.... lets see how the summer rolls out 😒

Wishing you all the best with your cycle abroad xx

So frustrating and upsetting try to enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed all the best wishes sent to you x

Very frustrating for you indeed! It horrible when you're geared up for something to have it all cancelled. I think a holiday is a great idea! I did exactly the same thing, sick of not planning anything and thoroughly enjoyed getting away!! Hope you get away somewhere nice for some much needed relaxation!xx

Keep smiling....we’re both not having much luck!! We’ll get there in the end xx

You re right. Frustrating though!!! Xx

So frustrating!! Xx

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