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To test or not to test that is the question!


So after I started spitting I had a progesterone test where my levels were low, same as last time, so yesterday I started injections, all fine. They've asked me to have the levels checked again on Saturday, so being as my OTD is Monday I asked if I could have the BHCG done at the same time. Now they have said that's fine (I'm paying so I presume anything goes!) but it might not be 100% accurate. My husband says it's up to me and he'll support me but thinks we should wait until Monday to be sure, but I'm a lunatic who is becoming more mad by the hour! Your thoughts are much appreciated!!! Thank you! Xxxxx

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Haha, men always want us to wait until OTD whereas (if you're anything like me) we want to find out at the earliest opportunity!!

They will still be able to check if you are pregnant. Of course they might ask you to have another test in a few days so it's extra money spent... If you manage to get through tomorrow then you are a step closer to your OTD & you have no choice but to wait for the blood test on Monday!

I'm probably not helping but looking forward to hearing your news!! Good luck xxx

Aleelilook in reply to Hidden

Haha thank you!! I keep changing my mind! The other thing is I'm still spotting when I wipe and therefore wondering if I should go and get the progesterone checked, or just wait until Monday as what's the point in panicking about progesterone if it's negative!!!! 😂😂 I've lost my mind!! Xxxx

Hidden in reply to Aleelilook

Oh bless you!! What did you decide?? Wishing you loads of luck either way!! Xxx

Aleelilook in reply to Hidden

Thank you!! Well I had a bit more of a bleed, just when I wipe, but despite the injections and pessaries it's not quite stopping, so I need the progesterone test, and I'm going stir crazy soooo I'm going to have the hcg test today!!! 😳🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻xxxx

How many days past transfer would you be on Monday? My clinic do a beta and it's at 9dp5dt so if it's around that mark I'd say it would be clear enough to indicate if a pregnancy has occurred?


I'd be 12p5dt (if you count the day of transfer as 0) xxx

Amanda86 in reply to Aleelilook

If it was me I would get the beta because clinics do beta testing from 9dp5dt but obviously it's a personal choice 🙂

I guess it could leave you in limbo if the beta isn't as high as they'd like and they want to retest in a few days. That's the only thing.

It's something my clinic just do is a beta at 9dp5dt so I guess I'm just used to having it done then.

Good luck 🙂 Xxx

Aleelilook in reply to Amanda86

Thank you! I'm tempted, I just feel like an emotional lunatic at the moment!! Xxx

If you do test use the first urine of the morning- it has higher concentration of HCG. I tested 17 days past lh surge and it was high enough to be detected ( I used a clear blue conception test) Good luck xoxo

Aleelilook in reply to jess1981

Oh it would be a blood test! Xxx


Hi Aleelilook. I'm afraid I'm with your husband. Up to you of course, but try and wait if you can. Got everything crossed for you. Diane

Ah the sensible voice of reason! Thank you! I'm still spotting very little dark discharge, so I'm going to have the progesterone blood test tomorrow, feels like the sub chorionic bleed again, but I presume it could just be AF threatening? It's going to take all my will power not to pay for the BHCG blood test while I'm there!! Xxx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Aleelilook

Hi Aleelilook. Could even be old scabs melting from the vaginal wall from where access to your ovaries was made. Eventually the "scabs" that form from the puncture wounds often melt, causing a similar brown discharge. Hope all is well with the blood progesterone. Diane

Thank you 😊 xx

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