First ever BFP after FET and almost 5 years ttc!

First ever BFP after FET and almost 5 years ttc!

Hi all,

I often lurk but rarely post or comment. However I had to share that I'm 4w 2d pregnant with my first through my first FET. Felt really proud of myself waiting til otd which was yesterday but I caved the day before and got this lovely BFP. Me and hubby are still in shock and are counting down the days to the 7 week scan to make sure baby is ok. We're absolutely over the moon and feel very lucky that our first try at ICSI was successful. After nearly 5 years, it was incredible to finally see those 2 pink lines!!

For those wondering, I had a day 2 frozen transfer and got my BFP at 12dp. Did another on otd (yesterday) and the line was stronger. Reckon I would've got one much earlier but we were too nervous to test early due to being a 2 day embryo. Now just have to try to relax until the scan!

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  • Congratulations πŸŽ‰ x

  • Thankyou. Congratulations to you too x

  • Lovely news congratulations xx

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Fantastic news x congratulations x

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Ah what great news.. Congratulations 🎊 hope the wait for scan does not drive you mad... Lots of love Jackie x β˜“

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Congrats, lovely news xx

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Fantastic news!!! Xx

  • Certainly is, thankyou. We're elated! Xx

  • I think we may be due date twins lol x

  • Oh really? Lol Judging by my calculations online, I'm due 22nd November xx

  • Same!! X

  • Aw that's lovely! Can't wait xx

  • Amazing news!! Congratulations!! Xx

  • Thankyou very much x

  • Well done and conratulations to you both!!!

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Massive congratulations xxx

  • Thankyou so much. Congratulations to you too 😊xx

  • Thank you lovely xx

  • Congratulations!! xoxo

  • Thankyou so much! Xx

  • Congratulations!! So pleased to hear u got your bfp on a 2dt as that's what I've had too xxx

  • Thankyou so much. That's one of the reasons I thought I'd share as I didn't find quite as many success stories online compared to later transfers, so hope it gives you some hope too. When do you test? Xx

  • 31st March! My clinic says they do 2dt as standard as they think the best place for our embies is in us...I'm not so sure but we'll see!

  • My hospital do 2dt generally just in frozen cycles where embryos were frozen early, as mine were frozen soon after fertilisation. Well I'd agree with them on that but I am biased now! Lol Best of luck xx

  • Congratulations, fantastic news xx

  • Thankyou very muchxx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Congratulations that's fab xxx

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Awww congratulations x

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Congrats wonderful news for you. I'm 7wks4days got BFP after first attempt on ICSI after 2 yrs ttc. πŸ‘πŸ€—xx

  • Thankyou. Congratulations to you too, just saw your scan pic. So lovely 😍 Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Such wonderful news. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy ,xx

  • Thankyou. Congratulations and same to you xx

  • Congratulations lovely to hear a positive outcome xxx

  • Thankyou. That's why I shared as I don't usually but I've loved reading success stories these past years and I thought it may give hope to others trying. I still can't believe it's actually happening! Xx

  • Wonderful news, congratulations xxx

  • Thankyou very much x

  • Woweee! Delighted for you, it's a long slog and you totally deserve this, enjoy every minute xxx

  • Aw thankyou! We are doing, feels surreal to finally be able to say we're having a baby. Hubby and I can't stop smiling xx

  • Fantastic ❀

  • Thankyou 😊 x

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