Don't know what to think now

Hi ladies has I said I had my first appointment in the hospital on Friday I was a little nervous but when I started talking to the nurse I quite relaxed, my tests were all fine and the hubby sperm was fine but they want him to repeat just to make sure and has always I had to do the scan and there I could see that I was ovulating but they spot some fluid in my fallopian tubes so being that said the doctor said a will need to do a laparoscopy and dye test to see the main cause for that..I don't need to say that I start panicking just for the simple tough of going under general anesthesia and everything that I start reading in the leaflets that they gave to me. I know that going there I was going to have to go through some rough paths to discover why I can get pregnant but I was thinking that in the first day they would send me for a surgery. Having all the tests done for the pre op now I have to wait for the results so they can set up a date. But for the things that I have been reading it can take a while to have a date and to recover.

Has anyone here went through the same ???How long after that we can continue the process? ?

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  • Hi pinto8. Well, now you are on the way with your investigations, and hopefully, soon a course of treatment will be decided for you. Obviously, your main problem is your tubes, so it will be good to get your laparoscopy done so as to investigate further. If the fluid in your tubes is not draining away, then your consultant may want to deal with your tubes at the same time. Any excess lubrication which is naturally present in your Fallopian tubes needs to be able to drain out into your pelvic area. If it can’t then it can only get out through the womb end. It is widely thought that any fluid leaking back into the womb might be responsible for preventing implantation of a developing embryo. Your consultant will discuss with you the best way to treat this, to give you your best shot at IVF. Try not to worry too much about having a laparoscopy, as modern anaesthetics are so safe. You will have a “puffy” tummy for a few days afterwards, due to the gas they inflate you with, but it will soon settle. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait too long to get this over and done with, so keep in touch with the clinic so that you know when. I hope it all works out OK for you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane yes I have been reading all about it and I know that's for the best,but my main concern is if they found something else and they can't fix it, it means that I have to wait even more.

    I'm trying to tink in something else and wait for the date but sometimes is stronger than me.

  • Hi. Hang on in there, as the whole point of a laparoscopy is to sort out any significant problems out there and then. Diane

  • I know thank you for your words. Anabela

  • Hi Anabela. My pleasure! If I can help with explaining anything at all, just send me a message privately - in confidence, or email me at Diane

  • Thanks I surely will

  • Hi pinto8. I had a laparoscopy and dye test in March. It took 2 days for my stomach bloating to go and 5 days for the gas pains in my shoulders to go. A week after op everything was back to normal. I ovulated slightly later than normal the next month, but only about a week late and period was normal. So you can resume your fertility journey quite quickly after your lap. Hope that helps a little x

  • Hi Ttcblues yes it helped it's good to know that everything was easy and fine for you...It's good to read positive posts ..How long did it take to book yours??

  • Mine took 5 months from the fertility clinic saying I needed it until I actually had it, but it would of been just 2 months, except hospital kept cancelling and putting it back. I think it is usually quite quick, but I was a bit unlucky.

  • That's the bit no one whats going back and forth. ..I just received the letter from hospital for the next appointment with the doctor

  • Hey pinto 😊

    Sorry to hear you're feeling stressed this fertility stuff can be quite stressful at times 😔 sometimes it's great to be at a clinic and sometimes you can feel pretty overwhelmed by it unfortunately that is quite normal 😔 but focusing on the positive although it's not nice finding a problem potentiality it is good as this could get in your way of having a baby 😍 it's great your clinic are being so through my ex NHS clinic were pretty awful 😡 I haven't been though surgery..yet! My operation is next Monday and like you I'm pretty perfied myself coz like you I've never been under general before! 😳 I'll let you know once I've had my general wot it's like if you like 😉 I'm keeping as busy as possible trying not to think about it 😆 I'm not gonna patronise you by telling not to stress coz I'm the worst stressed lol 😂 but will recommend to do some nice things for you and keep busy 😊 I've re assessed a few things in my life and now I'm building a life and have realised my life matters too and I'm moving forward with a plan 👏 Not that a baby isn't important but my life matters too 👍 Wishing you all the luck in the world with it all🍀🙏 Please do keep me posted here if you need a chat ❤️ X

  • Hi jess I'm sad to hear that it take to long for your clinic to book your surgery but I'm sure that is going to be quick and fine, and yes please let me know how it went. I'm trying to focus on something else but it's hard because even at work its been a couple of weeks with a lot of stress.But I am trying to find other things to do, I'm going for a course now so hopefully it will helped get focus in a good thing. It's hard when we try to tink in something else when we go outside and the only thing we see it's baby's, my partner even told me that, that now we are seeing only baby's and that can be a good sign let's hope so 🙏. In the meantime I have received the letter with the appointment with the doctor it's in October so in that time I will probably have my surgery.

    I will keep you updated about any news.

    Wish you all the best for your surgery because now it's just another step for the real goal 👶.Best of luck 😊💞

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