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AF arrived, injections started

AF arrived on Fri, 5 days after I took my last Norethisterone tablet. I started my injections (Bemfola & Menopur) on Saturday evening. It seems such a long time since our nurses appointment and I was worried I wouldn’t remember everything. Bemfola injection is straight forward as it comes prepared. It was the mixing of the menopur that worried me. I’ve now done 2 days of injections and my thighs look like pin cushions already. Hubby got involved and helped with preparation but I managed to do the injections myself. Really it was no where as bad as I imagined!

We are in Sofia, Bulgaria - it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary today. We are having a spa day! 😀

Transporting the injections was fine, no questions through security. I didn’t even have to take them out of my bag. However, I’ve spent the whole time worrying whether my medication is at the correct temperature. I phoned the pharmaceutical companies before leaving home to ask for their advice, this was useful. My Bemfola was refrigerated at home, their advice was no to put it back in a fridge after I got here. So I’ve kept it in a cool bag and kept the shutters closed in our apartment to keep the place cool. It has to be below 25degrees. I was advised by my consultant to also take my cetrotide (this one prevents ovulation) with me incase of any flight delays or cancellations. I suspect I won’t start taking this until Wed which means transporting it back home again.

It has been lovely to be away, we both needed this. In hindsight though, I wish I’d waited until next month to start IVF cycle. My mind has been too busy worrying about getting my med through airport, keeping them at right temperature, how I’m going to dispose of sharp box before return flight, what happens if something freaky happens like me having a reaction to the drugs etc., Honestly my crazy brain... I’m trying so hard to keep it calm, easier said than done!

Anyway, we fly home tomorrow, Tuesday and my next scan is Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed those follicles are growing! Xx

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Hope you had a lovely holiday and a happy anniversary. Good luck with your cycle xx


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