AF not playing ball so I can't start injecting :(

Hi ladies,

So I got all my meds to be able to start ICSI and AF chose not to come. For the 1st time in 4 years I was praying for it to come and it won't. What puzzled me is that for the number of days I was meant to be on my period I had period pain but AF still did not show. Now those days have passed and it is still not here, I have done pregnancy test 1st thing this morning and it was negative. Has anyone experienced this before? What did you do to make it come? 

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  • Typical when you want it to come it doesn't. 

    Give your clinic a ring. Sometimes they out you on the pill for 3 weeks so you have a bleed and then the cycle can start. 

  • I will 1st thing tomorrow morning. My head is everywhere right now.

  • Hi i don't know if you called the clinic already but the same thing happened me, they brought me up for a scan and could see everything looked ok and I had to increase my nasal spray for a few days until it came then continued on as normal with the rest of the treatment... hope this helps...

  • I called them last week and the nurse said I should 'give it time'. The trouble is that she said I need to have started my injection by 12th else my funding will go to waste :( it's truly a difficult situation right now

  • Hi me08. Try and hang on in there and hopefully all will work out OK.  Bit confused re the nurse saying your funding will run out if no AF??  Surely if your treatment is abandoned you will get to re-schedule??  You need to get that questioned and fingers crossed all does go OK.  Diane

  • I will ask again, I called the clinic several times today but no answer. I don't know if you remember one of my old posts where I said the hospital did not want to put me forward for NHS funding? Apparently there is one that has already been put forward when my FSH wasn't this high and it was approved and this is the one. So I am told if I don't have at least one injection by 12th then they won't be able to do an extension on it. Not sure how much sense they make when I go in to see them but I just can't wait to actually start :( 

  • Hi me08.  Thanks for reminding of that.  Fingers crossed you can get cracking with the NHS go - and of course for success.  Diane

  • Hi Me08 - I was the same... 4 days late to start Buserelin and one week late waiting to start Menopur - normally 28 days! Typical! I also did a test just in case but no joy there. Just try to relax the best you can. Check with the nurses regarding funding, that doesn't sound right to me at all. Hope you're ok x

  • thanks a lot MommaBear16, I wish I could say I am but I'm not. I've been crying my eyes out all day as today is our 4th wedding anniversary. I will keep calling the clinic and hopefully they will pick up tomorrow otherwise I will go in on Wednesday to see them. How are the injections hun? I say I am scared of needles but this is one needle I can't wait to start taking

  • Oh my love I'm sorry you're so upset, it's such a difficult time and the delays make it so much more stressful. Having your anniversary so close makes it much more emotional. I know it's hard, I was sobbing a couple of days ago worrying that our dates would be changed but it will arrive and things will progress very quickly from there. 

    The jabs have been fine, I was so scared of the thought of it before I started but you honestly just do it and it's fine. Watch a couple of YouTube videos, it helped put my mind at ease :) I really hope you can settle and get some sleep tonight. Fingers crossed tomorrow is the day x x x

  • Awww thanks hon, I can't wait to start, I look at the injection pens everyday in my fridge....hahaha. I will hopefully start this week else I don't know what I'll do with myself. Good to hear the injections aren't so bad. I'll come back with an update on how I get on with the clinic xxx

  • Just an update as promised, I went in for a scan today (OMG it was painful) and sadly they couldn't see my right ovary hard as they tried (1st a nurse and then a consultant). They have decided to put me on buserelin which I start tomorrow just to keep me going xxx

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