AF arrived - time to start the ball rolling!

Hope everyone is well this evening. Whatever stage your at in your journey, just wanted to send out positive thoughts & hope.

Well, after a couple of days delay AF finally arrived (2 days is nothing - i know!) Called the clinic to let them know & we will start on day 21 of this cycle.... It's all starting to feel real now. Have got consent form signing & injection training booked for next week (will also have final blood tests done).

We also paid Access Fertility today so that's all done & dusted - all i need to do now is pay for the medication....

Time seems to have gone so fast since we went to our clinics information evening in January & now 4 months later it's all about to start. Our infertility is Secondary & unexplained - have been TTC for over 4Β½ years now - feeling excited about where we are but also very nervous about what's ahead.


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  • Congrats. There's nothing that compares to the ivf rollercoaster of emotions x

  • It's very true! X

  • Good luck with your cycle wishing you lots and lots of luck cx

  • Thank you - i know I'll be asking for lots of advice! X

  • Good to hear things are moving along now and wishing you all the best. think it's only normal to be nervous about the coming weeks I'm the same can't quite believe it's almoat happening all of a sudden, my drug bag is massive and I just want to get on with it now and pray that they manage to retrieve some healthy eggs xxx

  • Thanks nmill. It's scary how long you wait & then it's suddenly round the corner! I've still got to order my drugs (next weeks job) - then to find somewhere safe to store them. When are you due to start? Xx

  • I'm taking norethisterone now to bring on my period in about 15 days time then it's in for a scan and hopefully I'll be able to start the drugs and injections and then hopefully fingers crossed ec around the 15th may. I have my Fingers and toes crossed for both of us that all goes to plan. Is this your first cycle as well? xxx

  • Yes, it's my 1st cycle. I'm going to start injections on day 21 so will be the beginning of May & then wait for another AF & can the start stimming! Maybe a couple of weeks behind you. Definitely got everything crossed for us both! Xx

  • Best of luck to you xxx

  • Thanks button - hope you're doing ok & things are going well for you at the moment xxx

  • Hey af came for me today so will be starting hopefully on the 6th to xx

  • Yay! Cycle buddies 😊 Will keep a look out for your posts xx

  • Yeah def πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» xx

  • I'm so jealous I'm waiting for af and I'm now 5 days late. I only have 2 more days for it to get here and then a whole new regime 😑

  • Oh no hope it comes soon Hun xx

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