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Period after failed FET and lining concerns

Morning all. Well as the post suggests our first ever FET has failed 😔. Test day was today and is negative. I had a few very faint cramps on Mon/Tue but my period hasn’t arrived yet. I’m taking 10mg progynova and Cyclogest am and pm. Clinic said to carry on with meds until Monday and retest because my period hasn’t arrived 🤷‍♀️ Just wondering what to expect next - will my period only arrive once i stop the Cyclogest?

I’ve had lining issues and I am convinced there’s still something going on there as I had free fluid in this cycle which went before tfr and lining only got to 7mm. I’ve also had scarring removed in Jan but was never given a reason as to why it was there in the first place. Really don’t want to gamble on our final frostie until more testing has been done but I’m not sure what tests I need to ask for. Has anyone got any advice?

Thanks all xx

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I’m really sorry for your failed FET, I hope you get over it soon!

My second FET failed in April, I was advised to stop all medicine if gets bfn on test day. As soon as I stopped my period came within 2-3days as per my clinic advise. I was always quite book like and once medicine stopped my period was there. But this can go differently (my clinic wanted to know when my period arrives to exclude any issues so this means they know medicine can affect your cycle) as each person is different so be in contact to your clinic they will take you through it once you encounter problems with getting period.

Again really sorry for your failure but be strong and move on hopefully both you and me can get there finally 💗

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No advice really Jude, just wanted to say Im sorry it didnt work out for you. Once I stopped my cyclogest and progynova I had a bleed around 5 days later. When I had my scarring removed they couldnt give me a reason as Ive never been pregnant before (so no prior D & C's etc). They just said it was likely due to an old infection....Ive never been aware of having any infections, STD's etc. Hope you get some answers too. Ive not been able to try again for another cycle as my thyroid and prolactin was too high so need to sort that our before we try again so Ive no idea if the surgery will help my previous lining issues or not! The only other thing Ive thought about was to try a natural prep for FET which Im not sure would help (as I dont know what my lining does in a natural cycle) but Ive seen some of the other ladies dont seem to react well to the drugs etc. Sending hugs.xx

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So sorry Jude! I know it’s a horrible blow but see if anything changes by Monday. Your period won’t come until you’re off the meds (3 or 4 days later). Definitely get a second opinion if you’re not happy and ask all the questions you need to. Ive been through 6 cycles and even with a perfect high quality genetically tested embryo, perfect lining and conditions it just doesn’t happen and so devastating because we’ve been through so much to get there but it will happen!!! I really hope you get some reassurance so you can move confidently forward with your precious frosty 🙏🏼Xxx

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