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IUI's-Opinions on Success

Hello Everyone,

I had my private consulatation at the Agora Brighton on Friday.

Basically, I have underactive thyriod, and AMH of 1.8 pmls (although they have ranged from 0.5 pmls up to 3.8 pmls. I am 37 and my mum went through menopause at 39.5 years.

Taking everything into account they have recommended I try three rounds of IUI. They think if I try IVF I am unlikey to produce many eggs. This will be chemically assisted and he says if I surprise they and produce alot of eggs they could convert me to IVF. She says she didnt want to put a number on it but with my kinds of figures we are looking a 5% success rate. I left the appointment feeling positive even with those odds.

Has anyone had success with IUI in my situation? I was surprised that the clinic didnt rush me onto IVF but I trust they have my best interests at heart.

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Hi there,

Thanks for keeping us posted. I don’t have any experience of IUI, but what they say sounds sensible. It sounds as though they are keeping their options open, depending on how your body responds. If you are unsure, you could always have a consultation at another clinic to see what they say and make sure they are saying the same kinds of things. I wish you well with it all xxx


I had stimulated IUI. I have friends who tried this before IVF and it helped re how much / little meds needed to stimulate the follicles. We were given a 15% chance of working and it did work - and I had twins two months ago. Good luck on your journey whatever you decide xx


Thank you , I am trying to stay positive. Even if it just gives them an idea of how I respond to meds


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