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Losing hope, any happy stories for over 40s?

Hi Ladies, I have just joined and this is my first time doing this. My husband and I have been on our fertility journey for 3.5 years. I have just turned 43 and feel so deeply bereft. I am now back to calendar day one and feel like I cannot face the rollercoaster again. I wondered if anyone had a story of hope to lift myself and anyone else feeling this way. Love to all xxx

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Hey lovely have you had any tests? I’m 42 and first thing my gp suggested was AMH test this will show your egg reserves. By our age they are generally low. Given our age we went straight to donor eggs as not only would our eggs be minimum if any but poor quality and it could cause complications. We got pregnant first time but sadly miscarried. Awaiting round two. Not holding much hope and embryos aren’t as good but we will see. I think if you read through lots of these lovely ladies posts amount the really sad stories there are some amazing miracle stories too. Good luck xxx

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Hi Claire i’m 45 and currently 7.5 weeks pregnant. I’ve had a rough journey but my husband and I have stuck with it relentlessly to get to this point. I did 2 rounds of ivf with my own eggs and I got pregnant in one of the 3 transfers but lost the baby at 14 weeks due to v high nuchal (previously conceived naturally twice at 42 but had 2 mmcs). I have 2 friends that naturally conceived at 43 after a few miscarriages and they both have healthy babies. More and more women are having babies later on in life. I didn’t get together with my husband until I was 42 so not much choice. I don’t know your history or AMH but you can keep trying until egg donor becomes the most successful option. Please don’t lose faith, good luck xxx


Hi, Claire! I don't have my personal success story for you, but I do hope for one and I am turning 44 in June. We had 4 failed IVF so far, even though according to everything and everyone, we are perfectly healthy. But we have been under so much stress unrelated to our baby issues, and this added to it. I am still recovering from the last attempt, where we had a long protocol, which, in turn, messed up my cycle. I didn't ovulate until day 44-45 and got my period 14 days after that. Along with that came hot flashes, which pushed me into panic mode. But, I started acupuncture and also been to a doctor who practices quantum medicine, which gave me hope. We will, however, continue trying IVF as long as there is a chance. Don't get the talk about your age put you down, because doctors tend to do that. Don't lose hope! Good luck and take care! xxx


Hi my dear

Don't lose hope keep trying until your eggs dry out that's what I keep telling my self or DE

I am 42 years and am still trying I have met a 43 years old women and had successful ivf after 10 attempts it's crazy but she got her baby in her arms

I am hoping we all get the chance to hold our babies one day

Just be hopeful it will happen because we don't know what the future hold

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I tried twice with my own eggs and first time with donor eggs I'm now 16 weeks pregnant I will be 44 before my baby girl arrives. Go straight to donor after 40 my advice saves years of heartache!! Xxx


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