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Low amh. 1 round failed ivf. Donor eggs?

Hi. So I have a low amh of 3.2. I found of ivf resulted in 5 eggs collected. On my 2 were mature and only 1 made it. It was a grade 3. Didn't make it to testimg day and started period 9 days after transfer. My clinic have now told me that they suggest we use donor eggs. We have a consultation tomorrow. I'm kind of coming round do the idea as want to achieve our miracle but I know nothing about the process really. We're at care in Tunbridge wells (self funded) and we've been told wait is around 4-6 months for a donor after screening etc but if we have specifics that it will be longer. I think we may need to change clinics. We are in South East Kent. Any help or advise would be helpful.

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Hiya, I had low amh and was told my best chance was donor eggs.

We’ve bought the eggs from the London egg bank they give u information on skin tone eye colour height and weight and career, which is what I based my decision on, have a look at the website to give you an idea, hope that’s helpful message me any questions xxxx good luck


Hi, Sorry im totally new to this donor business.

What do you mean youve bought the eggs from the London Egg bank? Are they a seperate company to your clinic? How does that work with your clinic in terms of logistics? Are they frozen?

Have you had a round with donor eggs yet?

Can i ask if you pay for the eggs seperately to your treatment and what the cost is and for how many?

Thanks xx



Yes it’s separate from my clinic u buy the eggs and then the clinic arranges to have them thawed when u r ready for the transfer. I’m currently taking meds to prepare my womb for the transfer fingers crossed if all goes well it could be in less than 2 weeks!!!

The eggs are frozen and usually u get 6 bit that might change from clinic to clinic, I was told at first I would have to go abroad but after some research that’s totally not the case, I hope that’s helpful xx


Thanks so much. I'll look into that. I'm currently look at clinics abroad. What were your costs for the eggs? What criteria did you get to choose?

Good luck with everything x


The costs vary from clinic to clinic and so does the information they give u, I chose based on height and skin tone and hair colour good luck xxx



I’m not too far away from you at all.

I can’t give you any advice about donor eggs unfortunately but I did donate my eggs when we had a cycle.

Good luck and just do your research. I searched for a clinic for a year and couldn’t of been happier with the one we chose in the end xx


Hi Jojo,

Thanks for your message.

When you say youre not too far away from me. What do you mean? Can you see where im located? I didnt realise that information was in my profile.

Have you had any luck with IVF? Did you have a low AMH too?

Thanks x


You said you were in care in tunbridge wells I live by Gatwick airport.

Yes I was very blessed that my first cycle worked and have a beautiful daughter who is now nearly 4. I’m getting my self mentally prepared to do it again with FET x


Oh good luck! My daughter is 4 too and I would love another. But still know how lucky I am to have her x

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Thanks very much xx


Thanks xx


Hi Shelley sheep, I know how you feel, donor eggs are an option for you, but have you thought about PRP treatment, maybe give you the chance to get your own eggs?

Kind regards, Star121


Hey. Never heard of it. Tell me more please.


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