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What are the pessaries for?

Hello ladies,

I’m just starting progesterone and have been told I will start the pessaries next week but what are they actually for? I don’t mind taking them I just want to know!

Also what if they can’t get any good sperm from my OH? We are having icsi but whet if they can’t find any we have some dodgy results before and I’m so worried!

We have 7 donor eggs but what if they can’t fertiles any of them! I’m so worried and upset I just want this to be over with and have my dream come true it feels like I’m so far away and so much can go wrong !

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The pessaries are to mimic what would happen naturally with your hormones if you had gone through a "normal" pregnancy. In the first 12 weeks your body produces these to support the pregnancy, after that your womb takes over. Usually pessaries will therefore continue until 12 weeks. During the time of taking them the clinic may or may not check your bloods and increase / decrease the amounts depending on results.

Hope that helps and I am sure with the icsi you will get a great result overnight. It is always a worry though waiting for that call the next day. Remember though - it only takes one egg and one sperm.

Good luck xxx

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Oh thank you so much 😊 I feel better after reading your message I’m holding onto that sentence that it only takes 1 egg and 1 sperm xxxxx thank u xxx

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