Hi all,

I've been taking buserlin, menopur and Gonal f in the evenings, I have a low amh level and at my last scan there were only 4 follicles (Day 12). I was just wondering do you inject all the injections one after the other and in the same leg? That's what I've been doing or do you think it would make a difference spreading them out? I know it probably sounds like a stupid question but I want to give my ovaries the best chance at producing more follicles πŸ™

Thank you xx

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  • I found it less painful to do it in tummy - more fat to pinch! From memory I injected all in the same side but would alternate that side each night. I think it's a good idea to change the injection site each night, you risk bruising and tenderness by going into the same sites all the time.

  • Yeah I have experienced some bruising, I will alternate thanks for the tip πŸ™‚ X

  • If you use your belly button as a reference point you can use the area around it in a smile shape, so you can go under the belly button too and it means you won't run out of injection sites. A tip I got is to inject sitting down and forward a little as even the slimmest person will have a little roll of fat in the tummy when you do that. Get a good pinch and inject.

  • Thank you so much, that's very helpful. Will try that today! x

  • Hi Kimmy2016. I'm on nasal spray and injections also, I do my injections daily on tummy rotate between right and left side. Clinic told me to do them daily, what your clinic tell you? If you doing them all at once don't do on same place as it can leave you with side effects. I had first scan today and due another one next week, only one follicles but they happy for me to continue how I'm going. Xx

  • I am also injecting everyday. Good luck, hope it all goes well for you 😊 You still have time and more follicles will appear x

  • Hi i agree with what everyone has said about using the same side & rotating. My clinic also stressed it was important to take the meds at the same time. good luck x

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