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Menopur - Preparing injections

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Just after some reassurance have already posted as I'm on menopur and have had some side effects already but I'm doubting if I'm mixing the injection properly - I've got to mix 2 vials powder to 1 bottle of solution I'm sure when the nurse showed me at the hospital once she'd mixed up the syringe it was nearly full at 1ml however when I did my first one at home last night I had about 0.3ml in the syringe once I'd mixed it my husband is adamant I did it right but I'm doubting myself now trying to work out if I'm imagining things or not!

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I haven't actually started my injections yet (hopefully starting on Wednesday) but it sounds like I have to do the same as you and my clinic gave me the link to a good website which goes through it step by step, it's I'm sure you've been doing it right but might be worth a look. If you're still not sure though I would definitely call the clinic.

Good luck to you for a successful cycle xx

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Thank you sweet that's really helpful good luck to you too xxxx

I found watching videos on YouTube quite helpful. I didn't use this particular kind, but I did mix one injection I think it was centrotide? Anyway, I watched a few videos on YouTube first which I found really helpful xxx

Think I've realised what I did wrong I didn't flick the water solution to ensure it was all in the bottom of the bottle which is probably why there wasn't as much fluid - it went cause any harm will it injecting the menopur when it's not as diluted as what it should be? Going to be extra cautious tonight!

I thought the same when I did mine the first round as I had 3 vials & 1 bottle according to the online video. I called the hospital to check & they assured me it was right.

Put an ice pack on your tummy while you're mixing them & make sure you get rid on air bubbles.

I'm on the injections again now but still find it a pain to mix them. It seems like such a long process. Wish it was a epi pen lol

Thanks for your reply sweet. I'm ok with doing the injections just mixing the menopur which is a faff! Think I was more concerned I didn't dilute it enough but I guess it's okay as I'm only on 150ml if your on a higher dosage with the same amount of solution it just means I've injected it a stronger dose - one dose won't do any harm - arrgghhhh so much to think about!

The hospital told me it's 1 bottle no matter how many viles. I had to mix 3 X 75 on my last round. They've upped my dose this time but they're bigger viles so now I have to mix 2 X 150 with 1 solution.

I don't think you've given yourself a stronger dose I think the powder is the important part & the solution just makes it injectable. But call your clinic for reassurance if you need to.

Good luck with everything x

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