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UPDATE: deciding to freeze our pair of day 3 embryos

Sorry for all of the drama, this has just been very hard on me, and with all the drugs I often haven't felt like myself. Deleted other posts to make things simpler.

We did a short protocol ICSI cycle this month (just 7 days of menopur) and now have 2 developing embryos that we have to freeze for future FET.

It really seems that the best thing for us in our situation (or for me anyway if my husband buggers off as seems likely at this point) is to freeze our pair of day 3 embryos tomorrow as recommended by the doctor and transfer both after I have a salpingectomy or at least get the hydrosalpinx question answered and sorted in some way.

These are our only two embryos, and at this point due to all the strain, the global situation, and financial issues, it seems unlikely that we'll be in a position to do another round of ICSI to get more. So this is maybe my one best shot, and it seems like the best thing to do is to take the doctor's advice and freeze on day 3 for future transfer. If we had more embryos I am pretty sure we would wait for day 5, but we don't, so we'll do this. I know the science is so much better now and people disagree with this, but from what I see this seems like the best choice for my situation. xx

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In my opinion I would have frozen at day 3 and trans both too when you can. Hope things relax a little for you now lovely. Sending hugs xxx

I think this sounds absolutely the reasonable thing to do! I'm glad you have made your decision, dont question yourself after this point. I'm sorry to hear that you & your husband arent doing too well under all this stress. I hope you can work things out. Look after yourself, you have us for now!!xxx

So glad you have been able to choose what feels best for you. No need to apologise - these decisions really are so difficult and stressful and people on here really understand. I’m sorry things are difficult with your partner too. IVF does put so much extra stress on relationships. I hope things get better and that your op goes well. And hoping that one of those little embryos is THE one. Take care lovely xxx

Hi, am so pleased you have come to a decision. I have had success with 3 day embryos in particular double transfers. Wishing you all the luck in the world going forward.

Sorry you and your hubby going through hard time. I can totally relate to arguments and disagreements during this horrible journey. All I can say is me and my Partner are 6 years into this and know this is the last time as we worry for our relationship and finances. It is all totally normal but when the time matters you will pull together as a team and I hope you have success at the end 🤞🏼🙏🏻👍😘

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thank you so much for this xx

So happy you’ve made a decision. Don’t be so hard on yourself, this journey is a tough one! Wishing you the very best of luck for the rest of your treatment and hope one of those is a sticky little bean ❤️ xxx

Sounds like you made a really sensible decision. Your two precious embryos will be waiting for when you’re ready to transfer 💕😊 xxx

I was also sceptical about freezing on day 3 but it’s my clinics policy. My day 3 was then thawed and cultured to day 5 as it was good quality so they didn’t expect it not to make it and it was transferred with another blastocyst and I’m now 9 weeks with twins. My clinic said they like to have an “active” one go back in and freezing on day 3 enables this compared to just thawing it on day 5 a couple of hours before transfer

Sounds like a very sensible decision (and probably the same one I would have made after my experiences)

Very best of luck for the rest of your journey. Fingers crossed you have one or two sticky embryos! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Xx

Decision made ! 🥳🥂Don’t stress another second about it . 😘You’ve made the right decision for you 😘 You are doing the best you can 😘💐 hope things calm down with the husband. It might not be going on in his body but it defo sounds like it’s going on in his head . Thinking of you and wishing you well for the next wee bit 😘🌈🥰🙏🏻💐💖💓🙏🏻

Delighted for you that you’ve made your decision! This journey is hard enough without having extra dilemmas to deal with 🤯 you can never go wrong when you go with your gut and even better when that’s the doctors recommendation too. Hope you’re able to put that piece to bed now and move on. I had a hydrosalpinx as well in my left tube and when it was diagnosed I was so keen to have it looked at and removed if necessary (which it was). The way I understood it the fluid that leaks into your uterus from that tube will make it very difficult for anything to implant (it’ll wash it away), and if a determined little guy does manage to implant, the fluid is toxic to embryos, so implantation won’t happen either way. I really felt like not only was my body stopping me from getting pregnant but it was actively working against me. I had it removed in feb and started ivf 22 June (was meant to be April but pandemic). Transferred our 2 D3 embryos yesterday 🤞🏻 So I wish you all the best dealing with the tube issue and coming back to your D3s at the right time 🥚🥚🤞🏻🤞🏻

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