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UREA Plasma & Gardnerella


Morning Ladies

After my last laparoscopy in July 2017 and first ivf egg collection in November 2017, I seem to be prone to vaginal infections and Thrush. I Have taken around 3/4 lots of antibiotics since and use canisten thrush cream to soothe the area. I now have a common bug (how the fertility dr put it) which showed after having vaginal swabs taken bug - urea plasma and gardnerella. Has anybody had this? has anybody been prone to thrush and vaginal infections since having egg collection/and or lapascopies? What else have you done to help the matter? Sorry for all the questions. My transfer is in May and am worried that I keep getting these infections.

Thank you x

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Hi cryst4l41. So sorry to hear that you have this problem. All you can do is to persist with vaginal swabs until you find an effective antibiotic, along with a systemic (taken orally) anti-fungal. Your partner should be OK unless he has any symptoms. If he does then he will need to be treated too. Hope you soon get it sorted. Diane

cryst4l in reply to DianeArnold

Hi Diane, thank you for your reply. I have an appointment on Friday so I will discuss antibiotics with the Dr. It's like a vicious circle with the thrush and infections. Hopefully I will be free from it all by transfer. Thank you as always for your tremendous support on here x

Last time I had repeated thrush, the way we got rid of it was treating my partner too, even though he had no symptoms. He took an oral canesten and so did I, then it was sorted.

Hi Lizzie, thank you for your reply. I didnt think about my partner having it, but it might be wortbh him taking oral c too. Its horrible as I don't seem to be thrush or infection free😕

It does sound horrible. Obviously take advice from pharmacist/dr before dosing him up but I thought I’d share my experience.

I will ask the dr on Friday, as I don't want to keep taking the same antibiotic over and over again with no effect. Thank you. Hope you are doing ok

I don't have any answers, but I am going through a similar experience: bv that won't go away and now my gp wants me to ask my gynae about testing for ureaplasma. My understanding with ureaplasma/ mycoplasma is that it's best to get your partner treated as well, though everyone says partner treatment isn't necessary for bv. I hope you find some relief soon. And I hope I do too...

cryst4l in reply to Tomorrow_1

Thanks Tomorrow. I hope you find some relief too.

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