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Egg collection timing


My next frozen cycle is becoming a bit tricky because my husband will be away for 5 days around the time of egg collection and i was wondering whether it would be possible to do this following:

Husband provides a sample to be frozen before he goes away

I have egg collection while he's away and the clinic uses his frozen sample to fertilise the few eggs I produce (only had 3 last time and none fertilised)

Then freeze any embryos as I'll be having an op to remove my tubes before transfer

Would that work because we'd be using frozen sperm then refreezing again as an embryo?

I know i might be comparing it to food 'do not refreeze/reheat' but obviously want to give ourselves the best chance and was wondering if this is an option.

Any advice / experience with this is welcome!

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Hi, yes this is a possibility! You'll need to discuss with your clinic and there may be a charge involved but lots of men have to have samples frozen (my hubby included in case his levels deteriorate) and eggs fertilised and subsequently have embryos frozen. Men that have to have surgical retrieval for example and embryos can be transferred with any remaining good ones frozen.xx

EK20 in reply to Cinderella5

That's a relief! Thanks for letting me know I'll check with my clinic. It's like the one time he's away so I don't want to postpone my cycle as I have low AMH. xx

Cinderella5 in reply to EK20

Good luck!xx

EK20 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks you too :) xx

We had this issue (though do you mean fresh cycle not frozen?) and, as I was on long protocol, they just kept me down-regging for longer until hubbie was back then I did egg collection the very day after he got back. My clinic said we would get better results with fresh sperm.

Thanks I’m doing a frozen cycle as I’m having an op to remove my tubes before I can have the transfer. I prefer fresh too so I will probably opt for extra time on my birth control pills as I’m on short protocol

Ah I understand! Sorry for the confusion- at my clinic what you’re having would be called a “freeze all” cycle as a frozen cycle in their lingo is a frozen embryo transfer. Sounds like you’ve got a good solution in staying on the pill for a bit longer. Good luck x

Ps my clinic seem to think long protocol is better for low amh, maybe something to investigate if this cycle isn’t the one? Xx

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