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Worried about egg collection

I will be in for egg collection on monday i havent been given a time yet, im worried for after as i already have a young son and we are having to take him with us as i dont have anyone to watch him so my partner will have to do his sample early and then wait with our son till i am allowed to leave also he will have to return back to work that afternoon the last time i had egg collection i felt fine abit sore but this time i wont be able to rest xx

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Gosh, a rollercoaster I see,

my egg collection has been done a couple of months ago. frankly, it was my first time experiencing this, so I wasn't a prof as you all here, my worries have been killing me. Thanks god, everything has been passed well and they were able to collect 17 eggs, only 8 were fertilized unfortunately. the rest have been frozen.

Sorry you won't have a time to rest and wish you good luck with egg collection dear!!

We all will support you here!!

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Hi Ro5ie. Just wanted to wish you well for Monday, and I hope you get through it OK just like last time. When you get home, if your little one wants a cuddle, then get him to climb up and sit by you on the sofa/chair, rather than pick him up, just so you don't strain yourself. Make sure you have sorted out his and your lunch too, so you don't have to bother too much. You will be fine I'm sure, and don't forget to drink plenty of water! I will be thinking of you. Diane


Thank you diane I will get everything sorted so i wont have to do much when im back home will keep u updated on my progress xx


Please do. Diane xx


I have a completely 'out there' idea, but thought I'd suggest it anyway...

There are babysitting agencies who you can register with (for a small fee) and they have a bank of qualified, police checked & referrenced staff who they can contact to fill childcare positions. If you registered ASAP they may be able to send someone to care for your little one whilst you are having the procedure? Sitters is a nationwide agency, but you may also have local ones to you.

Anyway, like I said, it's a 'thinking outside of the box' idea, so feel free to ignore it if you wish & best of luck! xx


Thank u for ur respone we have decided to take him with us as my partner can sit and wait with him xx


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