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IVF process -question

I am looking to start ivf this summer. The problem is my husband might be away with work at some point during the summer. I am keen to get going asap, i read somewhere that the sperm sample needs to be produced at the same time that egg collection happens. Is this the case? Or can they use a sample that has been produced earlier and frozen?

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Our clinic advised us that a fresh sample had more chance for success. But they were able to adapt the length of my down regulation on long protocol to ensure that egg collection would coincide with when my husband was around.

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Hi Netti don’t worry frozen sperm is just as good! I’m 7.5 weeks pregnant after ivf in Washington and my husband’s sperm was there in the freezer since November xxx


Hi netti we had our first cycle in January my husband works away also and they took a sample to freeze in case he was away x


Hi Netti451. You should be able to use frozen sperm. They may charge you for storing it, if there is any leftover after the process. Good luck! Diane


You should probably make sure that you are not travelling to anywhere affected by Zika virus as that will delay treatment upon your return. I think you usually need to wait 6 months.

Enjoy your holiday!


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