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Night before egg collection 😬 Any tips??


Hi ladies, so I’m having my egg collection tomorrow!! Just wondering if anyone has any advice before I go for the unknown 🙈 I have never had anaesthetic before, do they do the needle in your hand or your arm? I’m trying to stay positive and calm but I have found myself blitzing the house because I don’t know how I’m going to feel after.

Any experiences would be great!!! X

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Hi, I'm having my first egg collection tomorrow as well 😊thought I would be more nervous,but feel so uncomfortable now that I just want to get it over with now. I have had anaesthetic before though and it was completely fine,I think it went into arm. All the best for yours tomorrow x

Hi, i had my egg collection a week Monday and had my transfer last Saturday! I had never had an anasetic before either - it went in my hand! Funny you said about cleaning as I blitzed my whole house the night before too! Easier said than done but try and get some sleep - don’t use any scented shower gel or soap, no deodorant or perfumes and no water or food after 12pm! I also had McDonald’s fries straight after the transfer as everyone says it and even thou it probably doesn’t work I couldn’t not have them lol I find out a week today 🤞 Best of luck to you 🤞

Best of luck to you and jm for tomorrow! I'm just at the start (had my first injection this evening) but I know I'll be exactly the same (nervous of the unknown!) when the time comes. I've had anaesthetic a few times before, can't remember where it went to be honest but I don't remember it being any worse than a blood test, so totally manageable. :) You can do it! xxx

Just wanted to say hope today goes well for you! 💕💕💕 I’m sure you’ll be fine - make sure you rest up and treat yourself massively afterwards, you deserve it! 😘 xx

Thank you ladies.. Had 10 eggs collected but the clinic said 4 are really good. Will they still mix my partners stuff with all the 10 eggs or only the 4? Xx

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