Ready for fet

Yeaaahh im finally ready for FET. Had my 2nd scan today and my linning was 8.5mm the nurse said that im ready :) last injection tomorrow night and start pressies on sunday and lower my progynova from 6 to 4 a day. They are gonna thaw my 6 embies on monday and see how they get on fingers crossed they do good. They booked me for friday but said the embroligist will phone me on Tuesday or Wednesday to let us no our transfer day :) x

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  • Wish you a very good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks hun x

  • Thats great news good luck with your transfer x

  • Thank u hun and u too :) xx

  • This is great- well done! I didn't know they could thaw them in advance? At my clinic they do the thaw and transfer same day. You are so lucky to have 6!! I've only got one. Exciting!!! 😬 xx

  • Thanks hun. Yeah 6 embies so got a 1 in 6 chance of getting a good one. I didnt no they could thaw them and transfer them onthe same day I thought they had to develop over a few days 1st hun. Not sure all do it different lol x

  • Best of luck.... Hope all goes well

  • Thanks hun x

  • Good luck! Hope it all goes well!

  • Thanks hun x

  • Great news you are ready :-)

    Why are they thawing all 6 at the same time? You'd think they'd do the first two to see what they are like, so that you can keep the others for another day?

    Are they blastocysts?

    I had one blastocyst frozen and they thawed and transferred on the same day....x

  • My hospital say they thaw the same day of the transfer. Why are they doing all 6 together. ? Don't you want to try and save some for another round/sibling ?

  • all mine was frozen from day 1 so maybe they think they will thaw them all as they dont no what ones are gonna take the best i surpose, can they re freeze them if i get more then 1 at a good stage after they have thawed them out? x

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