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Anyone tried Assisted Hatching or Embryogen?

Am just about to start another cycle and wondering whether to ask my consultant about the above. Anyone tried them, had success or have any opinions of them?

I’m 40 years old and previous comments from the lab were that the egg outer shell was hard to penetrate/ sticky when we had ICSI. We haven’t had any luck with our good quality embryos sticking so far and would like to give it the best possible chance of working this time.

Appreciate your thoughts!!

Jules xx

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HI Jules

I am so sorry I don't have any experience of either of those. There are certainly lots of articles to suggest that they could help.

Is it the same lab/ consultant that you are using? I know Diane has a list of questions she can share with you that will allow you to ask loads of questions and get some answers that you need.

Ask the clinic what they suggest to do differently this time and why and make these suggestions to them.

Good luck xx


Hi there

We’ve gone to a new clinic. And are due to start next month with them. This time on a long protocol. The consultant wants me to have a scratch end of this month in preparation, I’ve had one before so know what to expect! Isn’t very nice but over and done with so quickly. I think I shall ask about the other things as we progress through this cycle. Thanks for your reply 😀 xx


Sorry you haven't had any others. It must mean that people on here don't have any experience of it. There are so many different things to try. Each clinic believes that their way is the best way of course. And each person will respond to the way that each clinic does it differently.

Wishing you loads of luck. The scratch isn't too bad for what the outcome may be. Xx


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