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Help! From IUI to IVF

Hello Ladies!

I dont know how i should be feeling, i feel sad over whelmed emotionally drained and just mentally physically drained. So today we went to find out my OH SA initial test wash results, this was so hopefully we would be starting IUI well..........

The results were not good what so ever, the results differed so much from the last time to this time which i don't understand why? The SA count was from 25 million to 16 million (abstained from sex for 4 days both times) the only difference last SA my OH didnt take any vitamins but this time he did so we are both confused about this.

So what we were told is to scrap IUI and go straight to IVF, i feel so anxious nervous overwhelmed. I dont understand ivf as i was expecting iui so read up all on iui.

Can we still have at least one try at iui? Or would they straight away say no? I feel the appointment was rushed today and i was hardly told anything about ivf and was just given 2 brochures one for nurture fertility and the other care fertility?

Any help please 😖😓😢

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I'm so sorry to hear you didn't get the results you were hoping for and can completely understand how it makes you feel, there is so much to take in at these appointments.I don't have any experience with Iui as we were told to go straight for ivf as my partner has slightly lower motility than 'normal' but just wanted to wish you good luck in whatever treatment you decide on. Xx


It can be very off putting when you have geared up for one thing and end up being told something else. Sperm results vary, but you are where you are. Once you read up on ivf and put your head and heart there it won't seem so bad. Think about it this way - you are still going through a procedure to get the end result you want however it is slightly different. Trust in your clinic - they want to do the best for you to achieve your result as quickly and positively as possible.

Good luck xxx


Are you NHS funded?

I feel like you could ask specifically for IUI (though realistically the chance of it working on the first go is very slim so unless you're really lucky you'd need to do it more than once).

But if they've advised you go straight for IVF I would; they are the experts. We tried IUI several times and it didn't work (and hubby had super sperm apparently) but IVF worked first time.


Thank you for your comments, its just upsetting as you said your geared up for one thing and all of a sudden its changed. I must say though i was deep down worried to hear this news.

Jm82 is that the only problem you guys had? My husband SA is not good overall so what she said was it would be a fail before even starting iui.

Thank you camillage, yes Cyantist im NHS funded, but would anyone know what i would be entitled to on the NHS is it just the one go at ivf? What are my entitlements? X

Ive been thinking about it and im more calm now just really nervous as i dont know much about ivf. Also does anyone know which fertility clinic is good? Nurture fertility Nottingham or Care Fertility Nottingham? X


Hi, we are classed as unexplained, my partners motility was slightly lower than average but not too bad. We were told to try Ivf rather than Iui but we are self funding.

Glad your feeling a bit better about things, it takes time to sink in. I have ordered my prescription today and it still hasn't really sunk in that I'm starting my first cycle in a couple of weeks. This forum is great for support and advice so ask any questions you may have. Xx


Thank you, im going to go for the opening evenings and have a feel its hard as its all down to luck more than anything. Im so emotionally stressed and i feel everything is against me. Ive been feeling so emotional since we heard the news and tbh my OH isnt being much of a help as hes saying ok to everything wel be fine and theres me worrying about everything.


Hey! Ive been posting since! We are going for ivf/icsi and we are pleased xxx


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