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Second cycle, alcohol question!

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Hey ladies,

So we had our officially negative test Sunday, been a bit of a tough few days but we are ready to get our bodies to try again. Heard from clinic and we will be on the same protocol but hopefully a higher dose on menopur as I didn't have a lot of follies but the best news is we can start again on my next cycle!

I have a quick question though for anyone who may know, I have worked out that all being well we will have egg collection roughly on 28th April. We have my partners brothers wedding on 26th, will my partner be okay to have a couple of beers / champagne for toast and not effect his sperm? Of course he wont get smashed, well at least I hope not, but a few drinks wont hurt will it? I personally would like him to just not drink, maybe have one or two but I know he has in mind to have a few beers as its his brother wedding. We haven't even spoke about it but wanted views? He also has the stag beginning of April so I have asked he isn't silly and is mindful of the dates for our next cycle! We failed one, I don't want to fail another. Its has been proven that his swimmers weren't the strongest!! Any advice would be great. We have agreed we are going to take a much more relaxed approach this time and not worry about following the internet guidelines of assisted conception because quite frankly i feel its just luck of the draw.. I will prepare my body with the diet etc but i don't think ill be too strict :) xxx

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Hi. Hope ur keeping well . Suppose ur partner could do a few drinks couldn’t hurt at all . Again it would be it deciison xxx

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We will speak to nurse when we get our dates xx

Hello, my husband was supposed to have a lads weekend away at the start of our cycle and the nurse at our consultation advised he didn’t go unless he could stick to one or two drinks. She said one or two wouldn’t be terrible but no binge drinking or getting drunk for the 3 months prior. He decided not to go! Obviously a stag and wedding is a little different but maybe just hope he sticks to one or two? I imagine the stag will be hardest! Hope that helps xxx

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oharal in reply to Elizabeth86

Thanks for the reply, I've spoken to him and hope he said he wont go mad at the wedding just hope he doesn't on the stag. I almost feel like he is annoyed but I'm sure he isn't :( xxz

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Elizabeth86 in reply to oharal

Are you seeing a nurse before these events? Maybe ask in front of him and let her tell him! I felt my husband was a bit grumpy when he couldn’t go too. I think it’s just feeling sorry for themselves but with what we have to go through they can deal with a couple of weekends of no drinking! Hope yournok xxxx

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oharal in reply to Elizabeth86

I think we will be to pick up the meds so that's a good idea - thanks. Yeah it probably is, he made a comment that he didn't want this to "take over our lives" and it upset me because I thought its not at all, im asking you not to drink for one occasion? So I did snap and said I wish he would do this for us not me, one of the many tiffs I guess everyone has during this process. Its tough on us both. Hope you're okay xxx

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SIRI9676 in reply to oharal

Hii oharal

im in ivf tretament on 11nov and last 2 days im having lower back pain can u suggest something..... is it good sign

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