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Beginning the cycle

So after a long two and a bit years waiting we are now beginning our ICSI cycle. I get my Burserlin shot in a couple of weeks and should be getting EC around 20th July. So excited to start, can't quite believe it.

Cutting down this week on caffeine and should be completely off it by next week. I have a few social gatherings & a wedding to go to over the next month.

Anyone come up with what to say to people who ask why you're not drinking alcohol? Hardly anyone knows what we're doing so if I say I'm detoxing they will likely think I'm pregnant. I need a story I can stick to.

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Hey smallcat congrats on starting this roller coaster of emotions journey!

In regards to alcohol what's your tipple? Can you get away with a glass of lemonade or coke - no one would know if there was alcohol in your drink or not. Xx


Congrats on going ahead - I myself am a newbee, still waiting for funding but will be going down the IVF journey (probably ICSI) over the next few months hopefully! albeit NHS have treated us appallingly so I wont hold my breath on timescales (I can see that you've had a similar experience!). My husband has stopped drinking to try and improve his position (our fertility issues are down to male factors) so I have also stopped to be supportive. I get asked A LOT why I'm not drinking - my answer is always 'I'm on a detox'! its quite easy for me to pull off because my friends and relatives know that I quite often go off on a crazy diet or exercise mission (its my thing!) but I can see how this might look suspicious if its out of character. Mooster's suggestion is fab! even if your tipple isn't a short with a mixer - you could pretend you are trying something new, again maybe use the 'health' excuse and say you've switched to vodka and cranberry or Gin and slimline tonic ;-) or maybe put it down to medication (although that may create other issues!) no matter how good your excuses are you will still get the odd comment about being pregnant and whilst it stings I just try and laugh it off or make them feel ridiculous for even suggesting it. I'm 28 and only six months married so I'm at the point in my life where every other person asks when we are starting a family so I've got quite thick skinned to it now. Anyway who cares what people think or say - the fact is you are on an amazing journey for all the right reasons and the most important thing is that you are in great health so that you have the best possible chance of bringing that beautiful little being into the world. Good luck, keep us updated! xx


Lauren87 thanks for your reply, am just curious which nhs region you're with. I'm with Glasgow region and I had some problems with them for the two years wait, now we're getting the first cycle things are great, but it was not great up to that point. Crap communication on the timescales was the main issue. I was 37 when I got referred so am 39 nearly 40 now, so I couldn't spare the 2 years. But here I am anyhow. Full speed ahead. Best wishes, xx


Hi Smallcat we are with Southampton CQC. I have asked my GP to call me on Wednesday to discuss it. I have also emailed a new clinic to see if we can change at this late stage. So I hope things approve. x


Hi Smallcat,

I am having exactly the same issue re the alcohol with weddings, birthdays, summer BBQs all getting in the way! I have a wedding in June and one of the bride's friends keeps asking me when I plan on having a baby (she's just had one herself) so I can already hear her making pregnancy jibes at the wedding especially if I'm not drinking! It almost feels like this will be the hardest part!

Good luck! x


Hi all,

Thanks for your replies. Good idea about the lemonade thing, but I think I will have to say I'm not drinking at all as I have too many pals/family who would buy me drinks. At the wedding I'm gonna say I'm on antibiotics I can't mix with alcohol. For the other occasions I've decided to say I'm on a detox for health reasons (and practice my poker face). I guess it's up to them what to make of it, and if someone asks me outright I can honestly tell them I'm not pregnant (yet). Yes it's annoying and painful when family etc make assumptions based on what they think should be happening. Fertility issues are on the rise so I hope that more people will think before they ask anyone if they're planning a family!


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