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Second cycle

Hi everyone, we got a call yesterday given our approximate start date for our second ivf cycle, so very excited!

However on our first cycle which was with private clinic we had a short antagonistic cycle which I responded very well to, excellent follicles etc, just didn't take in my uterus; this time apparently tho we are having long protocol. Does anyone know what the difference is and has had the two types

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Hi good news you are starting your 2nd cycle soon. I had the long protocol last time and had to do daily injections into my stomach for about 2 wks i think and then it went to 2 injs in my stomach daily. You then had to give the final inj a certain number of hours the day before the egg collection. I had a good number of eggs to be collected but only 6 fertilised properly. Then we had 3 we could use, but sadly they didnt stay imbedded. We are waiting to find out when we will get our 2nd cycle. Ready to get started now. We had ours through the nhs though so i dont know if its different when its done privately. Good luck x


Thanks for the reply Sam.

All the best for u second cycle.


Hi Purdy777. Good to hear that you are to start your 2nd cycle. The long protocol is the most popular one. This is usually started on day 1 or day 21 of your cycle – (consultant’s preference), when you start taking the down regulation drug, either by injection or sniffing up your nose. Blood hormones/scan are usually checked 10-14 days after the start of treatment to see whether you are ready for the stimulating drugs to produce follicles. Then you start stims for 7-10 days usually and checked again before you have your trigger injection to release eggs into the follicles, followed by egg collection etc. As you will already know, the aim of using an antagonist is that by not suppressing (down regulating) your ovaries with nasal spray, the stimulation injections work with your own hormones and then the antagonist just stops you ovulating before egg collection. The benefit of using this type of drug is that an antagonist cycle means all the drugs are usually given within a 2 week period of time so it ends up as a shorter process. Good luck! Diane


Thank u Diane. It's all pretty confusing but I'm sure I will become an expert before long.


Hi. Indeed you will! Diane


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