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Possible hydrosalpinx

Morning all. I has my first vaginal ultrasound yesterday and they want me to have it repeated with a consultant because there is a possibility of hydro on both tubes. I thought I had prepared myself for most possibilities but that wasn't on my radar and it's hit me like a ton of bricks. We were prepared for ivf being a road we might have to travel but the though of having all prospect of it happening naturally removed is so sad 😔 Have to wait another month for a second scan to confirm the diagnosis - going to be a long 4 weeks.

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I was diagnosed with this over 2 years ago. It hurt soo much and i must have read every single article on the web. I felt glad that we finally knew why we werent getting pregnant. Just patiently wait 4 weeks for further investigations and try not to google everything as it will worry you more. I had my tubes drained and didnt conceive, i then had one round of ivf where it was only in one tube but that failed so now im finally accepting that i should have that tube clipped or removed. Theres lots of success stories on here with ladies with hydros so dont give up hope. Xx we will have a baby its just our road is a different one 💕💕


Thank you, and sorry for you that it's been such a long road, I really hope you can move forward soon. The fertility nurse we saw yesterday was very honest with us and said that if it is that in both tubes they would recommend just having them both removed straight away, so at least we know what we're dealing with. Just a bit of a shock and I think it must be one of the only potential issues I wasn't aware of!


It is such a shock but you just have to appreciate that there is another way it can be over come. It is a greiving process so dont be to hard on yourself.


I also had this diagnosed and in someways it was a relief to know at least there was a reason for us not getting pregnant and no longer having my hopes up every month. Of course IVF is by no means less stressful we were very lucky to be successful with our 4th try and only FET. Good luck to you xx


Oh congratulations, that must have been such an incredible feeling after such a long journey! Thank you for the positive :)

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