Hydrosalpinx: pausing IVF

So after a very emotional morning where I saw my scarily dilated tube on a screen, 2 super-grade embryos have been frozen (with 2 more being watched), and I'll be having surgery to remove the blocked tube before an FET next year.

The hubby and I are feeling very disappointed, but knowing we made the right decision for our future babies makes it easier. With any luck we'll be back at the clinic by Easter.

Wishing the rest of you well with your cycles in the meantime x x

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  • Thinking of you and wishing you all the best x

  • Thank you x

  • I had hydrosalpinx on my first private cycle in 2011 that failed found it half way through and I choose to carry on, after it failed had chat was advise to have a lap to see fully what was going on, had the lap and has a tube remove as it had badly damaged. The other tube was fine was told just to try naturally for 6 months then try again. But I gave until 2015 where I went through the NHS and they luckily thoroughly checked me over and after my hsg they insisted on another lap which I had done in Dec 2016 (3rd one in total) they found it had appear in my remaining tube. Rather than remove it they clipped it, it was gutting I had to have all the operation again and then delays but it hopefully be worth it,

    When I have my scan it's amazing to see and it's definitely clipped nicely,

    Hope your operation goes well and good luck for when you start your cycle but it's best it's gone before you carry on xx

  • Hi Leesalou, thanks for your reply. My damaged tube was left in too. I had surgery for endo and polyp removal in October and the surgeon was going to remove the tube then, but he said there was no way it would leak.

    Having seen it on the screen I can see why the Consultant I have now is worried about it though.

    It'll be interesting to see if they opt for clipping or removal x x

  • I too had hydrosalpinx on my left tube, caused by scaring as a result of endo - so had a salpingectomy along with other endo related things.

    Believe me, that tube is far better off out when it comes to IVF.

    Those embies sound great and lovely that you have another few going.


  • That is a very important decision. I congratulate you for your courage and positivity. I'm sure you're making the best decision for your baby. Although, how bad you have to wait so long. But as my mother says, it's better to go slow, but sure. I hope everything goes very well and you can recover from your surgery soon. Time passes faster than we think.

    My best wishes! Xx

  • Hi sorry to hear what you are going through. I too may need both my FT removed. Did they say it would improve your chances after you have the op? My gynae has asked me to find out if my ivf consultant would advise FT removal. I haven't asked him yet. I want to try an FET before I remove my FTs but maybe this isn't the best option. Not sure, I think I am just trying to avoid another operation. Xx

  • Hi, thanks for your message. The Dr said our chances of success with IVF would be reduced if I didn't have the tube removed or clipped. This seems to be because Hydrosalpinx can cause problems with implantation, and liquid-filled tubes can leak toxic fluid.

    It's definitely worth discussing it with your Dr x x

  • That's what I thought. My gynaecologist is amazing but treads carefully when advising about IVF. He did advise getting my tubes removed for those exact reasons. Something I will discuss with hubby today. Thank you so much for your helpful response x

  • I had an hydrosalphinx which wAs drained during egg collection. I think it's as a result of a burst appendix and peritonitis many years ago. I am now wondering if this was the reason for my failed IvF round. Due to possible complications they wouldn't do the investigative keyhole surgery and as my hsg was good they didn't want to chip my tube either! I've got so many questions to ask when I see the consultant next. Xx

  • Wow! I didn't know they could drain a tube that way. I wish mine could be dealt with that way. My dilated tube was visible on a scan, perhaps yours would have been to x x

  • It was visible on my internal scans, I confused everyone as my hsg showed no blockage. I wonder if it had refilled before my transfer?! I had no symptoms so until now I knew nothing about it x

  • Wow that sounds like a long wait, is that because there is a waiting list for removing the tube? Can you ask to be put on an 'urgent' waiting list? Or say you are available for cancellations? Good luck x

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Hopefully there's a cancellation list of some description 🤞 We have a Consultant appointment in September, so I suppose we'll find out then x

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