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Morning all!

Feeling rather low this morning.

Had my ultrasound yesterday teatime to have a look and see how my tube was.

I tried to keep positive about it, unfortunatly my positivity didn't pay off.

The lady who did my scan was lovely, i cried because she was so nice to me.

She did the one on my tummy first and said something definatley didn't look right, and then went on to do the internal scan! My fears were confirmed the fluid in my tube has increased since my last scan 3 months ago. She also found a fibroid.

Half of me knew that was the case but the other half of me was saying everything would be fine, that i had no fluid and i'd been misdiagnosed.

I have 6 weeks to go now until my gynae appointment, i don't like to wish my life away but i hope it comes quickly as i'm in constant pain all the time and its really getting me down xxx

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Big hugs to you xx

I do the same and wish my life away to appointments! I'm sorry the news wasn't what you were hoping but I hope when you get your next appointment they can help you take the next steps asap xx


I do hope so too. Just so anxious about it, i'm such an impaitent person lol, i want and expect everything sorted now! Xx

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That's just like me!

I'd have hoped this whole process would've made me calm own but nope! I still call every week for cancellations for appointments so I can have mine sooner...!!

You could try that? It's a worked a few times for me...i tend to stalk the consultants secretaries or those who manage the waiting list and they've always been really nice about getting me in asap...maybe just to get rid of me but it works ;) xx


I've got a gp appointment next week so going to see what he has to say then i'm going to start hounding!

My partner says my worst quality is my lack of patience! Haha. I have to agree with him though xx

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Do it!

He says lack of patience, I say assertive ;) It'll be worth it! xx


Haha. Thank you! I'm sure it will 😘 xx

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