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Struggling with thin lining - anyone tried G-CSF?

Hi, i’m new to posting and was wondering if anyone has had success with something called a G-CSF uterine transfusion? If so what was it like and is it something any IVF clinic can offer?

We’ve now had two fresh unsuccessful ICSI cycles & one abandoned frozen cycle. We’ve tried estrogen patches, vaginal viagra, aspirin, vitamin E, accupunture, and pentoxifylinne.As yet never got to the magic 7mm...

- 1st fresh ICSI cycle, 1 x 5DT = BFP with womb lining 6.2mm but missed misscariage @ 10wks, D&C required.

- frozen cycle abandoned due to thin lining 5.0mm

- 2nd fresh ICSI cycle, 2 x 5DT = BFN & womb lining 5.5mm.

We are really lucky to have 3 frozen blasts but really don’t want to use these until my lining improves. I’ve read about G-CSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) and how this can be delivered into the womb to improve thickness and likeliness of successful implantation. Would love to hear your thoughts & stories!

and have a pretty persistently womb lining.

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I have been in this exact situation. (Have a look at my previous posts) my last 3 transfers have all been cancelled due to this. I begged the clinic to let me try a natural cycle as they are reluctant with older women to do this, however they agreed at the beginning of Jan. I had to wait for my bleed as that was a cancelled cycle and then wait for my next full period. Since Jan I've lost over a stone, stated walking approx 25miles a week, stated on l'argine, selenium, vitamin b, e, and folic acid, and went back to my original accupuncturist. I had a scan on Sat and my lining was 7.5mm! Which is brilliant for me, going back on wed to check it again as my other issue is that it shrinks later in the cycle. I truly believe letting me go natural, losing the weight and walking every day had really helped me this time. Been trying since November to get to transfer, and all have been 4&5mm, just know my body hates being overloaded with fake drugs and gathered that as I've been pregnant naturally several times (although miscarried them all) my body somehow knows what it needs to do xx


Thanks baby2016, really hope your lining stays at 7.5+, that’s brilliant! I also don’t seem to respond to synthetic hormones, although respond OK to menopur which is apparently made from menopausal ladies’ wee, which is as close to natural as it gets for IVF drugs!!! I’m already pretty active but will be definitely sticking with the vitamins and taking a few months off hormones to see where I am! Really wish you the best of luck.


Hi there! So happy to hear about the good news! It's encouraging! My latest scan, last Saturday, after going natural (after inducing a bleed with progesterone, though) was pathetic, 2mm... the lowest ever. Plus I have continuous uncomfortable internal "scratchy/itchy" sensations in the belly and urethra (awww). I really think those drugs have messed me up and worry that I won't go back to how I was before, due to my age (44th b-day this Thursday... sigh). But it's still early times I am telling myself, I started to take herbal medicines only 10 days ago and am doing acupuncture weekly, so I hope it will help soon. It's so annoying though that my doctor seems to think the only solution is HRT, when in fact that seems to be precisely what sc***ed me up in the first place. I will try to walk more, too... Wishing you the best!!! xx


Sorry Qwerty2018 I meant this to be a response to baby2016... I have not heard about the process you mention, but I wish you the best if you go for it, and please let me know if it works!! Very best wishes!! xx


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