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Needing some advice. What tests have you done? Time for ivf?


I am having my second appointment with my consultant I am thinking about everything I would like to ask her/discuss with her.

This are all the tests we have done so far:

-sperm count(normal)

-progesterone (35- sign of ovulation )

-ferritin was low but after a few months of iron tablets is now 54

-testosterone (normal)

-ultrasound : normal uterus and ovaries with size and appearance of pco. Not pcos though, as I have no other symptoms. Consultant said this is not a problem at all, but I am not very sure

-Hsg: not blocked tubes

What other test did you ladies have on the NHS or outside?

We don’t use contraception for almost 3 years, but actively trying only for 1 and a half. Last time I sow the consultant she asked how desperate we were to get pregnant. We were caught by surprise so didn’t know how to answer.

She said if we were very desperate she could try to refer us to IVF.

I am going to be 27 soon, and my husband is 45. I don’t want to rush, but since we dream of having many children I don’t know if we should wait much longer until we decide to start IVF...

What do you lady’s recommend?

Thanks in advance xxx

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Hi ask your self what you want to do having a chat with your husband every one wants baby now and in future so why don't you do now hope it's help


Hi CatDV. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this. I do have a list of questions I could send you if you want. If you email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will get them to you soonest. Diane


I would recommend asking about endometriosis and for you to reflect on the symptoms of it. I recently had a laparoscopy done (last stop before IVF route) and turns out I had severe endometriosis. On reflections, I have probably been suffering from it for years - pelvic pain, back pain irritable bowl, bloating, anxiety, fatigue but as I never really had bad period pains until relatively recently all these symptoms were put down to other things. Over the years I'd gone to my GP with these symptoms and was given all kinds of answers / possible causes, including: indigestion, gluten intolerance, pulled muscles, appendicitis, UTI, kidney stones, thyroid issues. I thought I was going mad! Since the laparoscopy, my energy levels have massively increased and feeling so much better all round. It just infuriates me that endometriosis is underestimated and it takes up to 7 years for a diagnosis for some ladies. So in summary (sorry for the long reply!), I recommend asking about endo, especially if you have had other niggling things as pad period pains are only the tip of the iceberg... Wishing you well! x


Dear Runforlove

Thank you so much for you reply.

I found very interesting all you said and can actually relate to it.

When my period started at 13 yo I didn’t used to have any pain at all.

At 21yo I started to have very painful periods, but pain used to go with ibuprofen.

At that time I remember consulting dr Google, and was very frightened when endometriosis seemed to be a possible cause.

I booked a private appointment on a gynaecologist to discuss, but she dismissed my worried and said that was normal and offered me the pill, which I refused.

On my last appointment with my fertility consultant I also mentioned this issue and also added that apart from period pain I also have strong ovulation discomfort, mainly if I walk, and pelvic discomfort during many days of my cycle.

What I didn’t mention that you now brought to my attention, are some change on my Gastrointestinal system on the last years.

I also have frequent bloating crises and have been tested for gluten intolerance (negative)

Again, my worries were totally dismissed 😕

Did you have your laparoscopy on the nhs?

I may go private if she doesn’t book me one this time.

Thank you again xx


Had my lap on the NHS and overall a pretty positive experience! I am still in shock that over the last 4 - 5 years, doctors never once ever even mentioned endometriosis as a potential cause of my other complaints...the first mention of potential endo was about 3 appointments in at the fertility clinic. it's insane.


I agree- I had suffered 6 years of “unexplained infertility “ until the endometriosis was found during a laparoscopy. It rarely shows on a ultrasound- mine didn’t. Good luck xoxo


Thanks dear Jess

I will bring up the subject again this time and hopefully my doctor will refer me for laparoscopy



Thank you dear for your encouragement xxx

You message was lovely to read and made me simile and feel stronger xxx


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