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TTC with endometriosis

Hello :)

Im new to this, also very new to being diagnosed with stage 4 severe endometriosis.

Ive been married to my husband for over a year and have been trying to conceive for the same amount of time.

I have been told by my lap surgeon that my bowel has been sewn to my womb - i have endo on my left ovary - appendix and i will need surgery to have this removed. My HSG test come back both tubes were patent.

Im hoping to find someone who is in or has been in my posistion and had luck with falling pregnant :)

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Hi Emma_16x Well, on the positive front your tubes are patent. Looks like you will need a bit of tidying up before proceeding with any fertility treatment, if needed. I have had a few ladies who have been successful naturally after some laser treatment, so who knows? Whatever they do decide to do, I'm sure you will benefit from feeling better, as stage 4 endometriosis can be a bit of a nightmare! I just wanted to wish you well with it all, and that you don't have to wait too long before proceeding with treatment. Diane


Thank you so much.. a little positivity really does go a long way! Im hoping to be able to post good news for 2017 X


Hi Emma I also have severe endometriosis, I had a laparoscopy in December to excise a lot of it in preparation for IVF. Prior to this I had a tube removed in December 2014 as it was damaged (probably due to the endo they found when they went in to remove it). We have just done our first round of ICSI and unfortunately it looks like it hasn't worked, but I am still hopeful we will get pregnant in the next year. We did conceive naturally in May 2014 but only got to 7 weeks before miscarrying (they believe it did not implant correctly due to the fluid in the bad tube). Fingers crossed for both of us on this very difficult journey xxxxxx

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Hello sprinkles86, sounds like you have been through alot but hopefuly soon come out the other side! Would you mind me asking where exactly you had the endo? We have not had any signs of pregnancy as of yet. I had the hsg test that showed both my tubes are patent so im unsure of this is going in my favour. Im petrified of being told i have no options etc. Hope youre enjoying the sunshine today x x x


Sadly I am in work today, definitely picked the wrong day to come back in!! My endo was mainly on the left side, on the bowel wall, but my ovary was wrapped up in the bowel, the whole left side was stuck together by scar tissue, one of my ureters was also constricted by the endo which could have led to kidney failure if my amazing surgeon had not spotted it! There was lots on the uterosacral ligament and some on the ovary itself as well... So my left side is fairly damaged shall we say!! Xx


Wow we have a very simular diagnosis! Was your tubes affected atal? I have been told its on my ligaments and adhesions between my uterus, im unsure if this will interfer with an embryo inplanting in my womb :( sorry for all the questions i havent found anyone with simular circumstances as myself and im looking at a 3 month wait until i see my consultant! X


The waiting for appointments is awful, my surgeon is a real specialist so sometimes I was waiting up to six months for a follow up appointment! I don't know if it would affect implantation, my uterus is ok but my IVF doctor said my chances were reduced slightly because of the endo, but think that is more to do with the damage around my left ovary. My right tube is fine and the left had hydrosalpinx (fluid) so had to be removed. They only found the endo when they went in to remove it so leads me to think the endo may have caused the damage to the left tube... Who knows!! Try not to worry too much, focus on keeping yourself healthy and in shape so you are in the best place possible for any treatment for the endo and of course TTC! Xxx


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