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Feeling very nervous about IVF hormone injections

Hello, I wonder if anyone with experience or knowledge of IVF can help me.

I'm 32 and my husband and I have just been recommended for IVF with ICIS. After trying regular & well-timed sex for 2 years, we were referred to an NHS consultant and tests showed a low AMH level for me (means I don't have all that many eggs left!) and low sperm morphology for my husband. Technically there's a chance we could conceive naturally at some point in future but apparently it's so small we shouldn't wait.

I feel a lot calmer and happier now than I have for the last year - now I know we've got a plan and we'll be going for IVF, I've stopped feeling angry and anxious about not getting pregnant and trust this is the right way forward.

I'm not scared of the physical IVF procedure, but for some reason I am extremely nervous about taking hormones for three weeks before my eggs are harvested.

Can anyone tell me more about how the hormones affect you and how this feels? I imagine it's different for different people, but any info or any ways I could prepare might help.

We don't even have a date yet for when the process will happen so this is really just me trying to set my restless mind at ease!

Thank you x

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It's often things like this that are worrying before you start IVF - I know I was really worried about how the fertility drugs would affect me and how I would feel - and about how people fitted fertility treatment around work. The honest answer is that these things are sometimes different for different people - but being in contact with other people and reading about other people's experiences is really helpful. Your message reminded me of exactly how I felt at the start - if you PM me I will went you a copy of my book The Complete Guide to IVF which will answer all these questions! Kate


Sorry I am not going to "went" it but SEND it!

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Hi Kate, you're totally right, it's partly how IVF (& especially the emotional impact) fits with work & general life that's worrying me. I'd love to read your book, thank you, have PMd you. Ruth


KateBrian I would love to read your book too - I am just about to start injections for first round of IVF (Im 34 and have also been trying for 2 years and 3 months) I will PM you x


Hi Katie, My name is Sabha and i am going through the longer process of ivf. Doctor has asked me to take the hormone injection even after implanting the embryo. I am really scared of the side effects. Also please send me your book to: sabha.fatima@hotmail.com


Hi Sabha - I'm afraid the book isn't available to email. If you are feeling worried about things, I'd suggest having a chat with Infertility Network UK's lovely nurse Diane - you can find her details here infertilitynetworkuk.com/su... I am sure she will be helpful. Take care, Kate 


Hi could you send me a Ivf guide please


Please send book to Adele-xx@live.co.uk


Hi, I agree that everyone is different. It also depends which IVF protocol you're put on, and therefore which hormones you are given.

I've done the long protocol, the antagonist, and frozen (FET). They all had their ups and downs (in terms of affects on my moods). It's difficult to give exact advice on how to manage - because some days feel worse than others, and we all react differently. I guess.

for me, I felt a bit low on the buserelin, and more lively on the drugs which stimulate your ovaries.

I've come to the conclusion that doing IVF is a very emotional experience, but one which I'm still glad I tried. If you have people around you who can offer support (and are willing to listen when you feel like moaning or ranting), then I think that can be highly therapeutic!

One thing I've done recently is to make sure i have some treats in store, so that, even when the going feels difficult, I have some things to look forward to (eg movie and theatre trips, etc). These are all small things, but can make a bit of a difference.


Thank you for an honest answer & good advice Noper, I haven't learned about any of the different types of protocol yet, that's all to come, so much to find out about. I've got good friends & family around me who I know will help however they can and I'll definitely do the treat thing! Good to hear you're glad you tried IVF, wishing you well x


Just relax as much as you can. I didn't have any probs at all with injections/ moods swings felt better than I had for awhile. I found getting my other half involved with getting the injections really helped and made him part of it , I also had accupuncture which calmed me.


Thanks Nuggett - a couple of friends have had acupuncture for other medical stuff and said it's brilliant. It helps to hear you didn't have any problems with mood swings, I've definitely built that up to be a big thing in my head.


It was so long ago I cant remember but its nothing to worry about and the result will be worth it! GOOD LUCK and dont worry. There is an excellent website ivfineurope.com you may find some answers there. Focus on Success and I look forward to you sharing your success story on our site, please take a look at our website infertilityhelptoday.com Best wishes.


Hi rubyp. We've just done our first ivf cycle. We did the long protocol. I was concerned

about how I was going to manage doing the injections and how I was going to

react to the drugs. I found the injections easy. Sometimes they stung abit. Heating the

area I was going to inject helped. I was put on the highest dose but was still ok. I was

tired to begin with but that didnt last long. I did all my injections with my fiancees

support every night which helped. He got the bits and pieces together with me. I only told

my family we were going through the ivf, a close friend and people at work that needed

to know. Good luck with your cycle.


Hi Ruby

Totally get where you're at - I hadn't had the best experiences on hormones previously (the pill made me a mood swing madwoman!) and believed they would wreck my life again...

But the truth was that the Buserelin made me a little fatigued, weary enough to want the occasional mid afternoon nap, but that stage doesn't last long. You can even use it to your advantage - get him to make tea, do the hoovering... XD The stimulation stage was exactly that - got my mojo back! But it's amazing how fast it all becomes 'normal', just part of your morning routine.

I've been a little weepy the entire time but it's hard to say if that was the hormones or the emotional effects (I do tend towards weepy when worried) and being my first time through I've been a little apprehensive. But the medical team are absolutely lovely :D

I think the worst of it for me was taking the injections - I HATE needles!! And being a pig headed independent woman I somehow thought I could do it on my own... I couldn't. Oh, the shame!! I beat myself up. It was so upsetting at first, but then I realized I don't have to do this on my own. There's no shame in accepting the help that is freely on offer - from your partner, the doctor, family and friends, this website! My husband had been feeling left out so was mighty relieved when I asked him to do them for me. It has actually made us closer.

It would be useless to tell you 'don't worry', but in my experience it wasn't nearly as frightening as I feared it would be. Be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack, I found it helped to find a trustworthy friend and completely and unreservedly unload - cry, scream, rant and swear, get it off your chest! If you have trouble opening up maybe put your thoughts down on paper or blog them.

But I wish you well, and a little peace - and don't feel bad about having feelings. It's a difficult situation, don't be a hero!




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