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Waiting for referral


My husband and I have recently been diagnosed with male factor infertility after two and a half unsuccessful years of trying to start a family. Our GP was putting the referral in for assisted reproduction three weeks ago, yet we have still heard nothing from the NHS. I was expecting the appointment to be a fair way off, but thought we might have had a letter by now. Does anyone who has been in this position know how long it would usually take to hear something?


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Each county will have different waiting times.

I would phone the hospital you’ve been refered to and check they’ve got the referral- without wanting to worry our first clinic lost ours . Made it so stressful 😳Now I akways check any referrals- happily all referrals received.

My GP refered me in 5th May 2016. In beginning of July I rang to check wait- we were offered 25th August 2016 as our first consultation- as the leading consultant insisted I had to see him! He was worth the wait 😜 I cannot imagine my journey without him- I won’t bore you with the all ins and outs. Be here all day! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

The hospital won’t mind you calling them- it might make you feel better knowing the what the wait is. It really helps having a plan 😃 if you haven’t already done so get your GP to run all the blood tests for you and a scan to check for pco/pcos. I know you said it’s male factor but the fertility clinic will want you investigated too. This might slow down your wait 😊

Good luck really hope you don’t have too long to wait. You will be in the best hands soon 💗


Hi, thank you for the reply.

I don’t even know which hospital we’ve been referred to. The GP did all the bloods and swabs on me and everything was normal, and he said he was going to put the referral in as soon as he had told me the tests all came back normal.

I know three weeks isn’t too long in the grand scheme of things, but the fact we haven’t heard anything is making me worry that he’s forgotten to do the referral


I would phone and ask him which hospital. Say you are worried you haven’t heard- it’s understandable. I’m sure he hasn’t forgetten but it would put your mind at ease to know it’s been received. Glad he’s done all the initial tests will save you waiting more. Good luck xoxo


Great advice to check if the referral has actually been received, things can get mislaid and so on. When you speak to the hospital you’ve been referred to they will be able to give you an indication of their waiting list times for an initial consultation. Good luck x


Thank you, my husband chased it up yesterday, turns out the surgery hadn’t pulled together all of the relevant paperwork so it had never actually been sent off. They’re making sure that happens today and they think we should hear something within the next couple of weeks. Its disappointing, as we thought we were further along in the referral process than we actually are, but I’m sure the extra few weeks will be easily forgotten about when things start moving forward


Oh my goodness, it really does pay to double check these things out then doesn’t it? Thankfully your husband made that call and fingers crossed things will begin to move forward for you now without any further delays xx


Hi Sarah, i got refered to the assisted conception unit at our choose ivf clinic in December, it took 6 weeks from the date of referal to me recieving a letter to say they had recieved our referal but before they would see us we had to fill in and sign an eligibility form for funding on the nhs. Hang in there. It all depends on the waiting times of appts etc xxx

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