Waiting for referral to St Marys Manchester

So i am now waiting for my appointment to Manchester.

I went to my local hospital last Monday to go through the results and for them to discharge us. She said the main issue was the sperm levels being really low still but i am slightly concerned. When i have had my tests in the past they were all fine but she said this time one of my hormone levels was high, she said i may have done the blood test on the wrong day but i didn't. I actually came into the hospital on the Saturday to get it done, even though the staff were rude!

Just wondering if this is going to be another issue?



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  • Hi Lauren I'm at St Mary's and they will do all the necessary tests again before commencing treatment (I think that's what you meant?) wishing you lots of luck x

  • Georgina78 thank you. How have you found St marys? Is there a big waiting list? xx

  • Generally very good, the nurses are great & mostly lovely. I really shouldn't complain because I'm very lucky to be entitled to 3 fresh cycles (starting 3rd in a few weeks) but there has been times when the strains of the NHS has shown (wait time for consultant appt after a failed cycle etc) but the standard of my treatment has been excellent. I'm not sure about wait times for starting now as I had my first cycle in January of last year so my cycles have just rolled from one to the other (with the recommended gap in between)

    How many cycles does your area offer? Hope it's three too. Lots of luck xx

  • it is three, just have to wait now for the initial appointment good luck xx

  • im under st marys and you have bloods done all time so they will monitor all your levels so try not to worry and i was given some tablets before starting my ivf to boost some of my hormones so if things change it can always be looked at.

  • Thank you kirst12 how have you found st mary's xx

  • hello if im being honest a bit mixed my first ivf round didnt go to well and i had to wait 4 month for follow up from it when your suppose to be seen within 4weeks. but with my second round they were much better the nurses are lovely couldnt fault them just the waiting for consultant appointments. they are really good though. you can ring with any inquiry and they will try their best to answer you.

  • thats good i hope it works for you this time x

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