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Waiting waiting and waiting!

Been trying 3 yr , my hubby sperm is a bit low. We hoped for iui but now told ivf is the only help unless we try wellman for him for 3 months to c if the sperm motility improves. So here we are 1 month in but we won't know anything until end of jan, fingers crossed it's improved and then they can help me with clomid. We'll I hope. Anyone in same situation. Love to all xxxxxx

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Hello Belle-7

I am finishing my 6th (and final) cycle of Clomid and unfortunately not pregnant (well that I know for this month, not holding my breathe). Clomid worked for me in the sense that it made me produce an egg so fingers crossed it works for you and gives you the result you're looking for. Can I ask why IUI isn't appropriate - you sound like in a similar position to myself and my husband and I'm going back to consultant after the Clomid to find out what happens next - I expect they will say IVF is the next route but just wondering why IUI wouldn't be appropriate?

Thanks xx


Hello thank you so much for your reply, we'll iui is not for us right now as we were told my boyfriend sperm to low motility as I hope it this was because he was on strong tablets for his throat, not taking them anymore we think this May of effected it. Plus I am not releasing eggs so nurse said its a waste of time, . I'm really feeling scared for jan as IVF is 1 in 3 chance, i do I hope all goes we'll with you all the best please keep me updated. Xxxxxx and thanks again it's lovely to share comments. Xxxxx


Hi could you ask for icsi treatment my partner has a very low sperm count and thats what weve been recommended to have.. good luck hun


Thanks I will find out. It's so nice not to be alone xx


I wish you all the best, not in the same position, as am recently separated, and went the journey by myself using a donor, hence used ivf. Xx


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