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Fertility clinic referral

So my husband is just in the process of getting his tests done at the doctors for our clinic referral and his doctor told him that it's very unusual to get a referral when we already have a child. This has not filled me with confidence as now I'm worried when we go to the clinic they won't do anything because of this. How many of you have been referred when ttc second child? X

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I think everywhere is different but I know the criteria for my borough, in order to qualify for IVF on the NHS we couldn't have had any children which we don't but I think some areas might be different. You'll probably know more once you see the specialist x


Thanks. I don't think anywhere will give you IVF on the NHS if you have children already. We haven't seen anyone yet just doing pre referral tests I just worried that when we go they won't be interested in doing further tests to find if there is anything wrong


I have! Three times now 😊

I was under the impression that any couple who have been ttc for 2years/1.5years with no success, are entitled to investigations to find out why.

Like i said, i've had three referrals and have just been to my first infertility clinic appointment where they are going to be testimg my blood, scanning me, testing sperm and doing surgery if i choose it (i have endometriosis and blocked fallopian tubes and dodgy bleeding).

They told me i will need ivf and i would need to pay for it as we have three kids between us but are still happy to do investigations mentioned above!

Don't worry- perhaps he's confused. Or out of date re:recent NICE guidelines

All the best xx


Yes I agree with the lady above. You will get referral for further help with testing but not Ivf. My husband had a daughter from a previous and they noted that straight away and that stops me having a free go even though I don't have children. Let's hope you don't need that anyway. Good luck xx


Thanks Mrsjj and Boogalooa that definitely puts my mind at rest!! Good luck to you both x


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