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False positive

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I’ve been dignoised with pcos and have done my first round of provera and clomid and was told I didn’t ovulate.. I’ve taken my second lot of provera to jump start my period so I can take clomid, but it’s been 7 days and I haven’t had my period start. I took a pregnancy test tonight as I read somewhere that your period not starting after provera can be a sign of pregnancy. The test was positive, I’ve since taken another 2 tests tonight on a separate urine sample and they’ve all come back positive..

I’ve had a tiny bit of blood the last couple of days and really bad cramps, so my question is has anyone had a false positive?

I’m going to do another test in the morning and see, but I’m in disbelief.

Thanks for any input!

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I can’t answer your question but I’ve got everything crossed for you Hun, that would be fantastic news x x

Sounds good to me! 😀 the chances of 3 false positives is pretty impossible. Good luck, ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you both. I’ve tested again this morning using cheap strips off amazon, and the line is a lot darker positive. I’m going to test again later as I’ve got a clear blue left in the cupboard. The clear blue yesterday was positive too.

I’ve had a bit more bleeding (old blood, not fresh) today but the cramping appears to have stopped so I think I’ll be ringing the drs tomorrow and see what they say...fingers crossed for good news!

So I have heard, it's possible to have a false positive sometimes with PCOS from a cyst. I don't know enough about it to go into any real detail, but since you're seeing progression I would say they're genuine positives

I did wonder this, as the cramps had been quite painful a few days ago and wondered if it was cyst. Time will tell I guess. I’m trying to not to stress over it, but easier said than done as it’s taken 18 months to get to this point.

Honestly in my opinion even if you do have a cyst I think you seeing progression is really positive

It’s much more common to get a false negative than a false positive on a pregnancy test and you’ve had three tests so I’d say you’re pregnant. Congratulations!

Think congratulations are in order. Wish you all the best hun


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