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Possible Miscarriage - last chance


Here is our story. We have a lovely little boy born through my husbands sperm retrieval and ISCI in 2014 NHS funded. Since then we have self funded a second sperm retrieval and gone on to have 4 more unsuccessful attempts.

We are currently on attempt no 5 which would be our final attempt but miraculously they were able to re-freeze this amp of sperm. Which means there will be a decreased change of finding any motile on second thaw. Next time will definitely be the final attempt.

Last week was the final week of the two week wait and we were so happy to see a faint line at 13DPO and on 14 & 15 DPO an increasingly stronger line.

On day 17 I start to bleed, dark brown at first and then heavier. I did at test on Day 18 and was surprised to see the line come up straight away and very, very dark.

We are now on Day 21 and I've been bleeding for 4 days although today it seems to be easing. The bleeding is not as heavy as I would expect for a miscarriage but there has been some pain and some clots passed including something large resembling a piece of liver.

I feel so low at the moment, I dread what feels like the inevitable negative result tomorrow. Even if it was positive surely can't be normal? The thought of going through another treatment and TWW only to be disappointed again fills me with misery. I just hate the world right now, this feels so unfair.

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I'm really sorry to hear this. You have been through so much so I am not surprised that you feel gutted about it.

Can you go and see your doctor or your clinic to ask for their advice? It's probably too early for a scan but they could do some blood tests to measure your hcg levels to see what's going on. They could perhaps book you in for a scan later on?

Take care of yourself the best you can. All the best xx


Thanks for your reply x

The hospital have told me to do another test tomorrow. There will either be a much fainter line or no line in which case it's game over. If by some miracle the line is still very strong or stronger then they'll book me in for a scan at 7 weeks. I've read so many stories online about people bleeding and passing clots but having healthy babies... seems so unlikely to me.


Yes I have read a lot of those stories too and I hope it turns out that way for you.

I'm really hoping for a positive outcome for you. Take care xx


Hi SnottyCow. I'm just hoping that yours is one of the positive stories! This sometimes happens when 2 embies have been put back, and one is lost. However, as you read, for some reason - don't know why it happens and then carries on to a full term pregnancy! I've been doing this for over 20 years now, and I must say, honestly, I hear of more successes than not. All you can do is to rest when you can, keep up with any medication you have been prescribed, and retest. If it's not to be this time round, I'm hoping you will use your stored sperm up when you are ready. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane. We tested again today and the line was stronger than the one last week. The nurse at our hospital said the same today so I'm a little less worried. We're going to keep an eye on the levels by testing a few times in the coming weeks. 7 week scan booked for 9th Feb. Thank you for your reply and kind words x

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Hi SnottyCow. Well, that's at least a little relief for you. Have hey suggested that you have a blood test Beta hSG or to just stick with the urine testing? Just keep resting when you can, and remember that after lying down, any slight leakage will puddle and seems lots more when you stand up! Sending gentle hugs. Diane


Bless you thank you so much. If feels like a flood but it's not really. No-where near what usually happens when IVF fails. Appreciate your messages, it's such a lonely place when you can't tell anyone x


Hi SnottyCow. You know I'm hear if you're struggling at all. Diane


So after a fairly positive day yesterday I had the bright idea of trying a clear blue digital test this morning.

My hospital don't do any early scans or blood tests they just booked me in for my 7 week scan but I have to do another test in the morning before I go.

The reading I got on the Clear Blue was 1 to 2 weeks. Friday would have been 5 weeks so the test should've read 3+ or at least 2 to 3. Still 1 to 2 as it was last Friday. 😞

Hubby still wants me to be optimistic but I think it's game over.


Hi SnottyCow. Just read this and wondered how it was going?? If you are hopefully still getting positive urine tests, could you ask your GP to confirm it with a Beta hCG blood test? This way, at least you would know what to expect on the 9th February. Thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane, no sadly I tested negative yesterday. I already had an idea because I tried a Clear Blue Digital on Saturday morning and it was still giving me the 1 to 2 weeks reading so I knew the levels were low. On Sunday I just did a standard hospital issue test mid day and it was negative. In a small way I'm glad it's all over. Not sure what we will do next.......... I'm all over the place at the moment.


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