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Never been so happy to have a period. Next step is FET!

Morning all,

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post - its amazing how each clinic has different policies. So, great news is that I came on my period late on Friday, I managed to get hold of the clinic which was good.

Next steps for me are:

1. From Saturday I have to use Clear Blue Ovulation to indicate when I'm ovulating.

2. Monday 6th March I go in for a scan to check lining looks ok

3. As soon as I have smiley face on ovulation kit I will go in 6 days later for transfer

I've never been so happy to come on my period!!

The clinic said they will only thaw one Snow Baby and will only ever transfer one.

So that's the latest...fingers crossed all goes well.


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Good Luck xx

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That is so exciting and a plan😊fingers crossed for you and your snow baby xx


Keeping everything crossed for you, wishing you lots of luck xx


Hi Crocodile80. Just hoping that all goes/went well with your scan today and that you can move on to the next stage of your treatment cycle. Thinking of you. Diane


Best of luck xxx


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