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Single mums by choice

Hiya, are there any (prospective) single mums by choice on here? I saw a post from a few years ago but be nice to connect with others in the same situation....

I’m new on here. (Hi everyone!!)... currently about to start treatment for IUI... it’s been delayed a few timesdue to various things (xmas, now I have a small cyst) and if im honest....I’m a bit lost, I don’t understand half the acronyms!

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Hi and welcome to the site, you’ll get lots of support on here with any questions.

I’m not doing this as a single Mum but we are about to start IUI with donor sperm so kind of the same journey maybe.

There are a lot of acronyms!! x

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Thanks for replying, yes, similar journey! Good luck with yours...



I have 3 kids with my ex and am doing a natural FET as a single Mum. The few who know think I am mad but I've always wanted lots of kids plus I have severe endometriosis.

It is a bit scary doing it myself especially given i didn't have the easiest time during pregnancy and especially around delivery the last 2 times ( I have twins who are 7 and a nearly 3 year old) .

I think it is far better to do this journey yourself than wait for a Mr right who may never arrive. If I hadn't met my ex I used to always say my 35th birthday I was going to go it alone with donor sperm. That was before i knew about the endo and poor ovarian reserve, and the fact I would end up needing donor eggs.

There are a few sites with help and advice. I know there is a Facebook group, and fertility friends has a single Mum section.

If you definitely want a child and it is that need inside you go for it. Good luck.

X x


Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for the hints about groups, I’ll check them out


Go for it. You're definitely not alone. 😊


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