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Single mums by choice

Hiya, are there any (prospective) single mums by choice on here? I saw a post from a few years ago but be nice to connect with others in the same situation....

I’m new on here. (Hi everyone!!)... currently about to start treatment for IUI... it’s been delayed a few timesdue to various things (xmas, now I have a small cyst) and if im honest....I’m a bit lost, I don’t understand half the acronyms!

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Hi and welcome to the site, you’ll get lots of support on here with any questions.

I’m not doing this as a single Mum but we are about to start IUI with donor sperm so kind of the same journey maybe.

There are a lot of acronyms!! x

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Thanks for replying, yes, similar journey! Good luck with yours...



I have 3 kids with my ex and am doing a natural FET as a single Mum. The few who know think I am mad but I've always wanted lots of kids plus I have severe endometriosis.

It is a bit scary doing it myself especially given i didn't have the easiest time during pregnancy and especially around delivery the last 2 times ( I have twins who are 7 and a nearly 3 year old) .

I think it is far better to do this journey yourself than wait for a Mr right who may never arrive. If I hadn't met my ex I used to always say my 35th birthday I was going to go it alone with donor sperm. That was before i knew about the endo and poor ovarian reserve, and the fact I would end up needing donor eggs.

There are a few sites with help and advice. I know there is a Facebook group, and fertility friends has a single Mum section.

If you definitely want a child and it is that need inside you go for it. Good luck.

X x


Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for the hints about groups, I’ll check them out


Go for it. You're definitely not alone. 😊


Sorry only just seen this after you had commented on my post. I'm doing this solo. Iui 3rd attempt success. Only 6 weeks so long way to go. I'll try and answer any questions if I can. I've wanting to do this for years but only just got the courage to do so. Still very worried about what people will say when they find out but I have a very supportive family and group of friends. Hope you have lots of support x


That’s amazing! I’ve got my second try this week, probs Thursday, having a scan tomorrow.

It’s really weird but I’ve randomly got two usernames depending on whether I log on on my iPad or iPhone??? Other one is ms-hanna....I’ll probably just use one in future....

I know what you mean about people’s reactions. I’ve thought about it a lot and feel like it’ll be good to have a standard line especially for people you’re not close to.


Wishing you lots of luck for your treatment this week. I'm driving myself crazy waiting for my visibility scan which is a week on Thursday. Keeping everything crossed for you x


I am hoping to become a single mum. I'm 42 and so I feel that I need to try to start a family now before it is too late. I've sent you a pm as I don't come on here very often. I had two rounds of failed ivf with my own eggs and have now moved onto donor eggs. I found an amazing Chinese doctor and have been having treatment with her as well as taking the prescriptions from the clinic. I feel healthier than ever and think this round with the donor eggs and the acupuncture. It would be lovely to get to know other women in the same boat. If anyone else sees this message and would like to be in touch, do send me a pm.


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