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Another step closer-1st choice Donor sperm accepted ✔️


**Update** I rang the clinic today, and we probably have a 12 week wait for donor sperm to arrive. So as I guessed, our next appointment will be after Christmas! A little bit disappointed, but we’ve got this far so what is a few more weeks! *

So, after a very busy, and stressful week-We have got the call to say our first choice donor has been accepted and it has been reserved! 🤗 Unfortunately, when I tried to ring the clinic back, there was no answer, so I’ll have to ring on Monday now to see what the next step is. That’s another hurdle jumped! Several more to go I know! I’m doubtful much will happen this side of Christmas, but it is a step in the right direction. So currently having a mini celebration with a cup of tea and some chocolate cake 🎂😍. Hope everyone is ok xx

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Great to hear things are progressing for you! Good call celebrating with cake - we need to mark these milestones ☺️ xx

Sweets1 in reply to Kcrochet

We definitely do! Thank you x

Aww that’s fantastic news! You deserve your cup of tea and cake!

I’ve just done the same with cake and custard mmmm

Fingers crossed you get your next step on Monday xx

Sweets1 in reply to Babyblues1

Thank you!! Yes 😍, hope you enjoyed your cake and custard!! Xx

Babyblues1 in reply to Sweets1

I sure did! Hot custard on toffee cake 🍰😀 xx

Great news! was so excited a few weeks ago when our donor sperm got delivered to the clinic. It’s literally the closest we have ever come to getting pregnant that I was bouncing up and down with excitement 😊

Enjoy your cake and celebration xx

Sweets1 in reply to Kyell2

It does get you all excited!! Oh how fabulous for you! Thank you, good luck xxx

This is great news. Another hurdle smashed well done. Hope you don’t have too long to wait till you can start xoxo

Sweets1 in reply to jess1981

Thank you! Fingers crossed, be better when I find out more Monday! But it’s all getting more real the closer you get!! How are you doing? Xx

That’s excellent news. You’re one step closer. Hopefully on Monday they will have a plan for you. There is still some time before Christmas, hang in there xx

Sweets1 in reply to Ajplus1

Thank you! It would be great to start before Xmas, and there is time I know, I just feel like in being more realistic if I think it will be after, not to get my hopes up I guess! At least I’ll have a better idea Monday xx

Ajplus1 in reply to Sweets1

Yeah I know what you mean. Crossing my fingers for you for Monday xx

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