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First Miscarriage.... And still trying

Hello girls

There is not much to say. My heart is broken.

My husband and I had planned a trip to the fertility clinic, but we had to postpone it because my stepfather had emergency surgery. He suffers from the heart, but thank God everything went well. I have always spent a lot of time with my stepfather. My parents separated when I was little and since then my stepfather has been with me. I became very upset when I found out he was sick and on the day of his surgery, I fainted in the waiting room. I had not eaten breakfast and I did not pay attention. I've always had hemoglobin problems. A week later, I fainted again. I had a blood test just to see my hemoglobin levels ... and I came out with a BFP! My husband and I were super happy. Really, I never thought I would have a BFP, not after my three BFN a month ago. I had three weeks with four days. I have no idea what happened. I had bleeding in the bathroom and then a slight pain.

I had read a lot about MCs, but I thought that if I was careful nothing bad could happen. It's been nine days since then. This was something I had already thought about, but I never thought it would happen to me. We are still with the IVF plans. We will return to the trip and try again. I feel devastated, but with hope.

btw, how are you doing? thank you for all the support

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Ow, Emi! This is so sad. I'm so sorry. I've been thinking about you for a few days. I wanted to know how you went with your plans. How unfortunate that something like this has happened. I can not imagine how horrible it must be. Again, I'm sorry. I am glad that you still have hope and confidence that with treatment you will be able to fulfill your dream of being a mother. When do you start the IVF? I have started the injections for my IVF. Things have improved a lot since we last spoke. I send you a big hug. And for your husband too. I hope you can feel better soon.


Thank you very much for your words Vicky. It is something very hard to assimilate yet. I had no idea that something like this could happen to me. I guess we're all exposed to that.

I feel like I touched the sky and then I lost it.

I am afraid that something like this could happen again in the future. Well, we are resuming the trip to the clinic. We already have our appointment reserved and I hope that this time we can fulfill all that we have planned with the IVF. I am hopeful that with the treatment I will be able to get out of this. I still do not know what we will do. The staff of the clinic was kind enough to explain that first they will do tests again to have a more complete diagnosis. I know we'll have to wait a bit, but that's now the least of my things. I am very happy to hear that everything is going well for you. Those injections must hurt, haha. Greetings to you too. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oh, my God! Emi, I am so hurt to see you devastated. It must be horrible to feel so broken. But you got to stand strong and firm. I know miscarriages can be terrible, losing an unborn child is the worst feeling. You start building a very different connection with your child that only you can understand. However, it is part of life. Just be positive about the IVF. I am sure it will work out for you. Sending baby dust your way.


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